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Alisha Arden

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Alisha Arden
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Dark Elf
Location Underfoot


Request Chat

  • My master always told me no king was as good to his people as Queen Maya, but I used to hate her when I was young because she didn't protect my mother or my friends. But it's water under the bridge. Since she tearfully apologized for her past mistakes, I stopped hating her.
  • One time, I called my master Dad, and he freaked out. He said I was mean, calling him dad when he wasn't even married. He even got misty-eyed, and I couldn't stop laughing, he was so cute. *Chuckle*
  • Her Majesty and the Elders disagreed on who should be the leader. Her Majesty recommended me, but the Elders didn't like that I wasn't from an impressive family. What happened afterward? The Elders wanted to select the leader by a contest of strength. The rest is history.


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