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Style Guide

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Special Tools


Items, Monsters, and Skills are kept in a special format.

Skill Data

Creating a new Skill

See Template:SkillPage.

Item Data

Creating a new item


See Template:Equipment infobox.


See Template:Item infobox.

Monster Data

Creating a new Monster

See Template:Monster infobox.


It is advised that you use special templates for linking in information, especially when talking about a piece of Data


Key Icons

These icons are used for skill input displays. These keys assume that the player is using the default key-binding. Usually used in the Command field of Template:SkillPage.

Icon Code Keybind
Upkey.png {{Up}} Move up
Downkey.png {{Down}} Move down
Leftkey.png {{Left}} Move Left
Rightkey.png {{Right}} Move Right
X.png {{X}} Attack
C.png {{C}} Jump
Z.png {{Z}} Skill1
Spacebar.png {{Space}} Skill2

Map Icons

These can be used to construct maps for dungeon pages.

Each icon refers to a room's entrances in North South East West order.

Icon Code
Map NSEW.png {{Map_NSEW}}
Map Boss.png {{Map_Boss}}
Map Blank.png {{Map_Blank}}
Single Entrances
Map N.png {{Map_N}}
Map S.png {{Map_S}}
Map E.png {{Map_E}}
Map W.png {{Map_W}}
Map NS.png {{Map_NS}}
Map EW.png {{Map_EW}}
Map NE.png {{Map_NE}}
Map NW.png {{Map_NW}}
Map SE.png {{Map_SE}}
Map SW.png {{Map_SW}}
Map NSE.png {{Map_NSE}}
Map NSW.png {{Map_NSW}}
Map NEW.png {{Map_NEW}}
Map SEW.png {{Map_SEW}}

Icon Links

Skill Icon Links

Use {{IconLink|SKILLNAME}} to display a Skill link with its icon in front.


{{IconLink|Quick Rebound}}

Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound

For more information and usage, see Template:IconLink.

Item Icon Links

Use {{Item|ITEMNAME}} to display an Item link with its icon in front.


{{Item|Clear Cube Fragment}}

Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment

For more information and usage, see Template:Item

Monster Icon Links

Use {{Monster link|MONSTERNAME}} to display a Monster link with its icon in front.


{{Monster link|Green Dingle}}

IconLuteon-Lulu.png Green Dingle

For more information and usage, see Template:Monster link.


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