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  • Annotation URI is a variant of the URL datatype and is mostly used for a owl:AnnotationProperty export declaration.
  • Code is a variant of the Text datatype to be used for technical texts of arbitrary length, such as source code listings.
  • External identifier is a variant of the Text datatype that requires assigned properties to declare an External formatter URI.
  • Geographic coordinates is a datatype that describes geographic locations and requires the "Maps" extension.
  • Keyword is a variant of the Text datatype that has a restricted character length and normalizes its content representation.
  • Monolingual text is a container datatype that associates a text value with a specific language code.
  • Page
  • Quantity is a datatype to describe quantities with a numeric representation and a unit of measurement.
  • Record is a container datatype that specifies a list of typed properties in a fixed order.
  • Reference is a container type that allows to record additional information (e.g. provenance data) about a value assignment.
  • URL
  • Email is a special datatype to represent an email.
  • Telephone number is a special datatype to describe international telephone numbers according to RFC 3966.
  • Temperature is a special numeric datatype to represent a temperature.