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Seal of the Death Dragon

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Seal of the Death Dragon
Seal of the Death Dragon.png
Location Castaway Cave
Min. Level 54
Level 54-57
Monster Level 57
End Boss Icon-Death Dragon Spirazzi.png Death Dragon Spirazzi


The Death Dragon, once sealed away at the cost of many lives, is about to return! In the face of a common enemy, the Dwarves and the Dark Elves have agreed on a temporary truce. Now everything depends on how quickly they can prepare for the upcoming war.


Map DragonSeal.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:



Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Death Dragon's Bone Staff.png Death Dragon's Bone Staff Staff 55 P. Atk. +564
M. Atk. +713
I. Atk. +361
INT +55
Shadow Damage +12
Halloween Buster Skill Lvl +1
Lightning Strike Skill Lvl +1
Black Hole Skill Lvl +2
Arctic Burst Skill Lvl +1
Crystal Storm Skill Lvl +1
Flame Circle Skill Lvl +1
Darkness Mantle Skill Lvl +2
Lightning Wall Skill Lvl +1
Death Dragon's Dual Blades.png Death Dragon's Dual Blades Dual Blade 55 P. Atk. +606
M. Atk. +475
I. Atk. +361
STR +44
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Death Hurricane Skill Lvl + 2
Death Dragon's Horn Tachi.png Death Dragon's Horn Tachi Katana 55 P. Atk. +564
M. Atk. +624
I. Atk. +361
STR +44
INT +66
Casting Speed +4 %
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate -1 %
Draw Sword Skill Lvl + 2
Phantasmal Slayer Skill Lvl + 2
Dark Knight(M):
Momentary Slash Skill Lvl + 2
Crescent Skill Lvl + 2
Sirkarion Auto Gun.png Sirkarion Auto Gun Auto Gun 55 P. Atk. +389
M. Atk. +571
I. Atk. +361
INT +44
+24 MP per Min
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate +1 %
Ancient Memory Skill Lvl + 3
Camouflage Skill Lvl + 3
Ancient Memory Skill Lvl + 3
Camouflage Skill Lvl + 3
Sirkarion Spike.png Sirkarion Spike Totem 55 P. Atk. +624
M. Atk. +535
I. Atk. +361
STR +66
Physical Critical Chance +7 %
Magic Critical Chance +7 %
Hit Rate +1 %
Critical Damage +10%