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Phantasmal Delezie

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Phantasmal Delezie
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Looks very much like a dog with an alligator's head, but purple and sharper, and much thinner. There are also purplish flames emanating out of its body.

Move List

  • Combo Attack - Does a basic combo attack that deals significant damage.
  • Drill Attack - Shapeshifts into a drill, and drills across the room. Deals decent damage.
  • Eat - Delezie will open its large mouth and engulf and hold a character in place. Doesn't do much damage, but can be annoying.
  • Duplicate - Delezie's most dangerous move; it'll create duplicates of itself that act exactly like Phantasmal Delezie, but also have the ability to heal the boss for several bars of HP at close range.
  • Ground Spikes - Usually occurs during or after creating a Duplicate. Delezie will go underground and shapeshift into spikes that erupt from the ground. If hit, these can do massive damage, as they hit multiple times and have massive hitstun. The best way to avoid this is to run until Delezie reappears.
  • Shadow Bite- During this move, Delezie sucks you towards him, and forms a shadow of himself behind him. This attack can be avoided by grabbing Delezie before it bites down. If this attack lands, it will do massive amounts of damage.
  • Once again, the boss has knockback on standup.
  • Creates an addition clone with the last time that it uses Duplicate, which is when it has 6 bars of health (on King's Road).


  • Always try to defeat Delezie ask quickly as possible, or keep him combo'd in the air. Before is knock-back aura happens when he gets up, he casts a green marker below him. Use a super armour skill to continue the combo.
  • When he creates a clone for the first time, he doesn't use Ground Spikes. Kill the clone first.
  • Use light element attacks, due to Delezie having immense shadow resistance.
  • Avoid being cornered by Delezie and his clones (if he has summoned any) as they can continuously combo you.
  • You can prevent Delezie from creating the last 2 clones if you can keep him in status conditions (freeze, stone curse,etc.) or combo'd.