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How to add a member

  1. In the Mentorship window, click "Add".
  2. Enter the character's name, click "Ok."
  • Alternatively, click on a character in town or on your friends list and select the "Request Mentor" option.
  1. Once the other user accepts, member registration is complete. (Users must not be at the same level)
  2. If the character is at least 3 levels lower, they will be your Apprentice.
  3. If the character is at least 3 levels higher, they will be your Mentor.

Mentorship Restrictions

  1. Mentors must be at least level 20.
  2. You cannot have more than one Mentor at a time.
  3. A Mentor cannot have more than two (2) Apprentices. -Note this restriction is only at and around level 20.

Benefits of member system

  • Affection
    • Rewards from member system increases as the affection level rises.
    • Affection EXP gradually rises as both parties are connected to the game.
    • Mentor and Apprentice do not need to be in the same channel to raise Affection.

  • High Member
    • High member user will receive following benefits while the low member is on:
      • Low member is level 19 or below
Gold Bonus: High member attains portion of gold each time the low member clears the dungeon.
Low member doesn't lose his clear bonus gold to high member. High member simply attains the gold independently.
  • Low member is level 20 or above
Gold Bonus: Same rule as stated above
Fatigue Bonus: Attains portion of fatigue points depending on how much fatigue points the low member used.

Affection Lv Recovery Rate (Pts Received/Pts Used)
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 1/23
5 1/19
6 1/16
7 1/14
8 1/12
9 1/11
10 1/10
  • The fatigue points will be transferred to a high member if the low member logs out, changes a character, or spend certain period of time online.
    • The low member must use required number of fatigue points within certain period time.
    • If the low member fails to use the number of fatigue points within certain period of time, the counter will reset. Thus, the required number of stress points must be used again.
(Ex. Lv 4 Affection level lower member used 13 fatigue points, but went idle for long time. Then the user has to spend 23 fatigue points again.)

  • Low Member
    • Low member user will receive following benefits while the high member is on:
      • EXP Bonus: Attains experience bonus per monster kill.

Affection Lv Bonus EXP
1 1.5%
2 3.0%
3 4.5%
4 6.0%
5 7.5%
6 9.0%
7 10.5%
8 12.0%
9 13.5%
10 15.0%


  • New member can't be registered for 3 days once you remove a member from the list or are removed from someone's list.
  • The penalty date counts 6:00 AM of server time as a whole day.
Removing a user at 11:00 PM on April 1st or at 6:01 AM on April 1st doesn't make a difference as both counts as a one day on April 2nd 6:00 AM
  • As previously stated, all the bonus for high member is independently attained. High member doesn't drain a fatigue point or golds from low members.
  • The benefits will be disabled even if only the one side removed a user from the member list.
  • High member and low member positions remain the same even if the low member surpasses high member's level.
  • Member benefit remains effective regardless of channel as long as they are online.