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King's Ruin

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King's Ruin
King's Ruin.png
Location Time Gate - Requiem
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 85-88
End Boss Hammer King Borodin


Don't you believe in immortality? You must think that everything is destined to crumble to dust in the end. Come see me in the deepest part of the underworld, and I'll prove you wrong. I shall send my five knights to escort you to my kingdom of my past glory.


  • Entrance Fee: 10 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternities and 120 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments
  • 3 tokens total per run (With or without a party.)
  • King's Ruin is mostly a dungeon testing your skills. The enemies here all have patterns on how to beat them, so it's very helpful to pay attention.




  • All the knights fight like Expellers - with super-armored long-reaching dashing slashes.

Guardian's Challenge 1

Guardian Maelstrom.png

  • The first knight you'll face is Guardian Maelstrom. Maelstrom is the speed specialist of the five knights. Generally a melee fighter, he hits hard and fast.
  • Maelstrom slowly fades into invisibility if not attacked. Striking him will make him visible again.
  • If Maelstrom manages to turn completely invisible, he'll be able to teleport around the room and strike you from any angle he wishes. Look out for the dust trails on the ground to help you find him when he's invisible.
  • Maelstrom's attack and movement speed increases as his health decreases.
  • Attacks like a Monk's Twister of Judgment will still lock onto Maelstrom while he is invisible.
  • Use attacks that cover a wide area to hit him out of his invisibility.
  • Try to keep him in the air as long as possible, as he cannot fade while in the air, and he moves extremely fast on the ground.

Guardian's Challenge 2

Guardian Aegis.png

  • The second knight you'll face is Guardian Aegis.
  • Aegis' gimmick is that he has a special damage reflection aura active on him at all times.
  • The aura switches colors when the bar above his head fills up. It fills up at varying rates, but generally speeds up as his health decreases.
  • If the aura around him is red, physical damage will heal him and be reflected back to you.
  • If the aura around him is blue, magical damage will heal him and be reflected back to you.
  • Reflected damage comes in full force - you may kill yourself in one hit if you use powerful attacks.
  • Avoid long combos as he may switch auras in the middle of them. Keep track of his aura at all times.
  • Aegis' attacks have a chance to stun you.

Guardian's Challenge 3

Guardian Rime.png

  • The third knight you'll face is Guardian Rime. He specializes in ice-based attacks.
  • Rime himself does not have any special attacks or anything, aside from the normal Expeller atacks.
  • The danger in this fight is the Ice Pick that Rime summons periodically.
  • Rime will first pick a target, indicated by his text bubble (This is for you, <name>!). The Ice Pick moves on the ground at a moderately fast speed and will chase Rime's target. The Ice Pick causes high water damage if you touch it and freezes you at a ridiculously high rate. Although the Ice Pick will eventually disappear, it reappears extremely quickly and Rime may change targets when this happens. The player who is marked should run away and lead the Ice Pick away from the party and while everyone else attacks Rime.
  • Unfortunately, if you are alone, the Ice Pick will always target you. Use attacks that hit fast so you have time to run away from the Ice Pick after dealing damage.
  • Helpful items to have during this fight would be Mintai's Kumis (these can thaw you out of freezing), Ice Charms (water resistance), and Salamander Flasks (Rime is weak to fire damage).
  • Rime is highly resistant against water damage.

Guardian's Challenge 4

Guardian Cinder.png

  • The fourth knight you'll face is Guardian Cinder. He specializes in fire-based attacks.
  • Cinder is always on fire (burning status). Highly resistant to fire damage, but weak against water damage.
  • Cinder has a damage aura which will deal fire damage to you after you've been close to him for a certain duration. This duration resets when you get out of his range.
  • Cinder's gimmick is that whenever you hit him, flame markers will appear above your head. When you reach 5 markers, the next attack you land on him will cause you to explode, dealing intense fire damage. Flame markers gradually disappear overtime if you don't hit him.
  • However, Cinder will increase in speed and power if you do not hit him for too long. Eventually, he'll increase in size and be able to reflect a portion of the damage you do to him in fire.
  • Use grabs and moves that provide you invincibility frames to avoid being hit by the fire explosion.
  • Use single-hitting powerful attacks to avoid getting too many markers. You should only do this when he is not glowing (normal state) or he might suddenly grow in size and reflect the damage back to you.
  • The party should not stay too close to each other while they are fighting Cinder. If someone makes a mistake and explodes, he might hit everyone else in the party.
  • Special Note: Don't use moves that cause "tick" damage (like Summoner's Mark the Target), as this will result in a very quick death.
  • Note for launchers: A fully charged Extruder will make you explode immediately regardless of the numbere of markers above your head. However, an uncharged Extruder will only add one marker.
  • Note for Blade Masters: Using the awakening skill will only add one marker from the final hit.

Guardian's Challenge 5

Guardian Lumi.png

  • The last knight you'll face is Guardian Lumi. He specializes in light-based attacks.
  • Lumi only has one special attack. When he initiates this attack, he'll stand in place and glow brightly before making the screen flash white. If you're facing him, you will be stunned immediately, even if you are in invincibility frames. After the screen flashes, the party will be attacked by lightning bolts which strike where you were when the screen flashes. The only way to avoid this attack is to face the other direction (away from Lumi). The lightning bolts can cause electrocution at a very high rate.
  • Lumi can summon clones of himself as you wear down his health. He'll summmon one clone at first, then a pair, and finally a trio, for a total of six Lumi clones. These are slightly smaller in size and do not have the "Light Guard" title above their heads.
  • The danger here is that all six of his clones can perform the same Light Flash attack. The clones each have their own A.I. and will use Light Flash at completely random moments. It's important to keep all the guardians facing in one direction so you can avoid the Light Flashes. Being sandwiched by the guardians almost guarantees death if they flash in both directions simultaneously, and you will be hit by several lightning bolts at once, which will generally kill you in a matter of seconds.
  • The party can choose to take it slow and weaken Lumi bit by bit and taking out his clones as they spawn, or attack Lumi aggressively and kill him quickly, then killing all his clones together before they cause too much trouble. If you have many summons or allied monsters on your side, the lightning bolts will still target the party, so be ready to dodge.
  • Lumi is highly resistant to light damage, but extremely weak against shadow damage.

  • Special Note: it is actually possible to kill Lumi without any clones being summoned if you can deal damage fast enough.

Boss Room

Hammer King Borodin.png

  • Compared to his knights, Borodin himself is a bit easier to handle. Borodin fights like a typical expeller, but his increased size gives him much longer reach. Borodin's dashing attacks also travel much longer distance than other expellers, so try not to stay in his X-axis range for too long.
  • Other than normal expeller melee attacks, Borodin has a melee animation unique to him - where he slams his hammer in a downward smash. This attack causes alot more damage than all his other attacks.
  • Borodin also has extremely fast HP regeneration.
  • Constantly summons Tin Bladers. These seem to be able to regenerate health as well and have different AI than those found in Floating Castle, as they will constantly close in on you and try to attack you. There's a limit to the number of Tin Bladers that can be summoned, though (around 8).
  • Borodin also has a special three-part attack that he'll use when his health is low. He'll shout "KNEEL... BEFORE... ME!!" before slamming his hammer directly into the ground three times to cause a full-screen quake that will deal massive damage to everything on the ground (including his minions). Be ready to jump everytime he shouts a word (e.g "KNEEL!", jump slightly after he finishes shouting). Also, he can still smash you with his hammer if you happen to be standing infront of him when he uses this attack, so stay away.
  • All of Borodin's attacks cause stun at a very high rate. Being combo-ed by him usually results in death as all his melee attacks do ludicrous damage and will most likely stun you again after each hit. Bring lots of Stun Recovery Potions and be ready to button-mash for your life.
  • The Tin Bladers also have an annoying habit of moving together in a group with their King. These can and will block your attacks from hitting Borodin, so you have to try your best to separate Borodin from the group, or use piercing / area of effect attacks.

Legendary items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Frozen Solidity.png Frozen Solidity Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +99
Water Resist +18
Frozen Tolerance +24
I'll always be here, fighting for my liege.
Guardian Knights Armor.png Guardian Knights Armor Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +176
SPR +77
HP MAX +550
All Elemental Resistances +24
All Abnormal Status Resist +30
King's Road Keeper- Sacred Light.png King's Road Keeper: Sacred Light Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +99
Light Resist +18
Light Damage +24
In a flash of light, all your enemies shall be eliminated.
King's Road Keeper- Sacred Protection.png King's Road Keeper: Sacred Protection Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +193
SPR +94
May God watch over our king.
Light Knights Armor.png Light Knights Armor Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +99
Light Resist +24
Light Damage +5
Electrocution Tolerance +24
Stun Tolerance +24
Rigor of the Radiant.png Rigor of the Radiant Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +99
Light Damage +12
Remember: you're most vulnerable when you're shining brightest. - Inacia
Fire Knights Armor.png Fire Knights Armor Necklace 85 M. Def. +8712
INT +40
SPR +99
Fire Resist +12
Fire Damage +24
Greatness of the Pulsator.png Greatness of the Pulsator Necklace 85 M. Def. +8712
INT +40
SPR +99
It was when power decided everything. People of all ages and genders challenged themselves to reach the summit of power. And he was their king. - Captain Luther
Guardian Weight.png Guardian Weight Necklace 85 M. Def. +8712
INT +40
SPR +99
No one shall never pass this way.
Ice Knights Armor.png Ice Knights Armor Necklace 85 M. Def. +8712
INT +40
SPR +99
Water Resist +12
Water Damage +24
King's Road Keeper- Sacred Ice.png King's Road Keeper: Sacred Ice Necklace 85 M. Def. +8712
INT +40
SPR +99
Water Resist +18
Water Damage +24
I shall only use this ice for my king.
Gorgeous Burner.png Gorgeous Burner Ring 85 M. Def. +3485
STR +59
INT +59
Fire Damage +26
Burn Tolerance +24
I'll fight you for my king. I'll burn away in flame if I have to.
King's Road Keeper- Sacred Fire.png King's Road Keeper: Sacred Fire Ring 85 M. Def. +3485
STR +59
INT +59
Fire Resist +18
Fire Damage +26
Fire bless you!
King's Road Keeper- Sacred Wind.png King's Road Keeper: Sacred Wind Ring 85 M. Def. +3485
STR +59
INT +59
Attack Speed +3 %
Movement Speed +3 %
Casting Speed +4.5 %
Wind, protect the king.
Swirling Sharpness.png Swirling Sharpness Ring 85 M. Def. +3485
STR +59
INT +59
His sword is too fast for the eyes to follow. - Captain Luther
Wind Knights Armor.png Wind Knights Armor Ring 85 M. Def. +3485
STR +59
INT +59
Attack Speed +2 %
Movement Speed +2 %
Casting Speed +3 %
Attack Damage +18% (conditional)
Guardian Diamond Armor.png Guardian Diamond Armor Heavy Armor Top 85 P. Def. +6327
STR +45
INT +33
VIT +42
This is incredible. I can't believe such advanced technology existed in that era. - Linus
Futile Pursuit.png Futile Pursuit Claw 75 P. Atk. +941
M. Atk. +941
I. Atk. +572
STR +64
INT +32
Inflict Shadow Damage
Shadow Damage +24
Physical Critical Chance +3 %
Slam Kick Skill Lvl + 3
Spiral Skill Lvl + 3
Ancient Knight.png Ancient Knight Javelin 85 P. Atk. +1117
M. Atk. +1217
I. Atk. +772
STR +68
INT +101
EXO +736
HP MAX +550
Attack Speed +7 %
Casting Speed +4 %
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate -1 %
I shall reign upon my kingdom forever!
Honor toward Light.png Honor toward Light Lightsabre 85 P. Atk. +932
M. Atk. +901
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
Inflict Light Damage
Light Damage +16
Hit Rate -1 %
Knights live to die a glorious death.
Prominence.png Prominence Halberd 85 P. Atk. +1202
M. Atk. +851
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
EXO +736
Inflict Fire Damage
Fire Damage +24
Hit Rate +1 %
Critical Damage +20% (conditional)
Oh the flames of vengeance... - Flame Gerald
Royal Flash.png Royal Flash Beam Spear 85 P. Atk. +952
M. Atk. +1152
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
INT +68
EXO +736
Casting Speed +2 %
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Demonic Lancer(M):
Beam Spear Mastery Skill Lvl + 3
I'll serve you with everything I have here. - Guardian Lumi