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Imperial Arena

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

The Imperial Arena
Imperial Arena Loading Screen.png
Location De Los Empire
Min. Level 90
Level 90
Monster Level 100-120
End Boss Varies

The Imperial Arena is a coliseum located within the De Los Empire, exclusively located in the Imperial Arena Channel, where a few select tag-teamed adventurers fight monsters to show their worth. It can only be accessed by players who are at least Level 90 and have completed the Level 90 Side Quest Side Quest Icon.png Invitation to the Imperial Arena. The dungeon plays similarly to a Boss-rush format, and is accessible every day of the week. Players, who participate and defeat the specified boss monsters, receive materials that can be exchanged for Level 90 Epic Armor Recipes.

As of Season 7, Act 01. The Next Journey, the Imperial Arena along with it's exclusive channel has been removed from the Global Client.


The massive structure of the Imperial Arena symbolizes the glory and prosperity of the Empire. There, a great many people, each with a unique story to tell, fight bloody battles against each other. Some fight for wealth and fame. Others fight to test their strength. There are even those who fight against their will. Huge crowds gather to watch and cheer them on.

When all the battles end and night falls, a menacing darkness is cast over the Arena. The air is thick with an eerie silence that amplifies even the tiniest noise.

Some time ago, a strange rumor about the nighttime Arena started spreading. It says it reverberates with blood-curdling screams and monstrous howls in the night. Most people disregarded the rumor. Even the ones who had heard the sounds thought it was just a figment of their imagination. Some believed that it was the spirits of fallen warriors wailing with anger. It was impossible to verify this rumor because the gates of the Arena are locked shut during the night as no official games are held after evening.

One late evening, a stagecoach stops in front of the Arena.

"This way."

A woman in the Imperial official's uniform addresses the rider inside. She opens the door to the coach, looking at the passenger impassively, the way a researcher would at a lab mouse. The passenger gets off the coach and walks toward the Arena, as the massive gates of the Arena open quietly to welcome him in.


  • In this dungeon, there are two difficulties: Normal or Hard
    • Normal Mode has 5 Boss Monsters, and Hard Mode has 7 Boss Monsters.
    • Rewards and Monster Level/HP/Defense/Atk. will be adjusted accordingly depending on the difficulty chosen.
  • It can be entered an unlimited times per day but rewards can only be obtained once.
    • When a boss monster is defeated, the player will receive their reward through the Mailbox.

Entry Information

  • Required Character Level: 90 (Two characters are required)
    • Clear the Invitation to the Imperial Arena quest to enter the Imperial Arena channel.
  • Dungeon Monster Level: 100 (Normal)/ 120 (Hard)
  • Required Entry Material:
    • 150,000 Goldicon.png Gold for the first entry of the day (Reset at 9:00 UTC daily)
    • Your payment record will be reset at 9:00 UTC the next day, and then you will have to pay the fee again.
    • Once you pay it, you can enter the Arena as many times as you want until the record is reset.
    • Note: Difficulty cannot be changed once selected, and will reset at 9:00 UTC the next day.
  • Required Exorcism: 4624
  • Party: Solo


Tag System

  • After entering the Imperial Arena, you can set up your tag team through the Team Settings menu on the right side of the screen. Only characters at Level 90 or above can be used.
  • In case you want to use characters on different servers, those that are not on your current server can't be set as Team Member 1. To use them, you will first have to log in to them. While inside the Lobby, you can't tag if your team members are on different servers. You can tag them inside the Imperial Arena.
  • The Party Buff skills of your team members such as the Crusader's buffs are applied to each other.
  • You can tag (switch between) your characters with the Dungeon Special key (first-selected Tab key). Hold down the Tag key during battle, and the game speed will slow down. Then, you can use a skill with the character that is being tagged.

Special Rules

  • Today's Matchups and Weaknesses
    • Every day, you will fight opponents in a certain order. Your opponents have 1 weak attribute, which changes daily and is displayed on its portrait in the Lobby UI.
    • The Arena Kings (Final Boss) do not have weak attributes.
  • Arena Restrictions
    • Once you enter the Arena, you can't change your characters' equipment or skills.
    • You can set up your characters' equipment and skills in the Lobby before entering the Arena.
    • The existing Consumable items can't be used inside the Arena, and your Item slot settings will be disabled.
    • Imperial Arena exclusive items will be added to the slots.
    • You can use these Arena items to heal and enhance your characters:
Icon Hotkey Effect
Imperial Arena Item 1.png 1 Restore 30% HP
(Cooldown: 20 sec.)
Imperial Arena Item 2.png 2 Restore 30% MP
(Cooldown: 20 sec.)
Imperial Arena Item 3.png 3 Cooldown -20% for 2 min.
(Cooldown: 3 min.)
Imperial Arena Item 4.png 4 Super Armor for 30 sec. (Up to 5 incoming attacks)
(Cooldown: 1 min.)
Imperial Arena Item 5.png 5 Damage +20% for 2 min.
(Cooldown: 3 min.)
Imperial Arena Item 6.png 6 Increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds for 30 sec.
(Cooldown: 1 min.)
  • Armor Break
    • The Arena monsters, when their Armor gauge under their HP gauge is completely empty, temporarily become Groggy.
      • The Armor gauge is red or blue.
        • The red gauge is decreased by damage.
        • The blue gauge is decreased by multi hits.
  • Special Stage
    • After clearing the Normal stages, you can enter the Special stage and fight an Arena King.
    • Upon entering this stage, your HP and MP are restored and your skill cooldown is reset. Dead characters, however, can't be resurrected.



Item Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Glorious De Los Medal.png Glorious De Los Medal 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 5
Dark Side Token.png Dark Side Token 3 3 3 3 3
Imperial Mark.png Imperial Mark 3 3 3 3 3
  • These rewards can be exchanged with NPC Beatrice for Elemental Attribute Beads and Level 90 Epic Armor Set Recipes.
  • Note: Imperial Mark.png Imperial Mark is a seasonal reward item, and will be deleted at the end of each Imperial Arena season.