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Ice Layer Malaga

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Icon-Ice Layer Malaga.png Ice Layer Malaga


Type TypeHuman.png
Family Bantu
Level unknown
Dungeons Bwanga's Camp
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Ice Layer Malaga in-game portrait


Ice Layer Malaga is a proud and confident Toros Warrior of the Bantu, who appears to want to challenge Bwanga. Malaga takes great pride in his strength and his horns, often commenting on them. Malaga seems easily annoyed, as shown when Lariat Lari taunts him for losing against the Adventurer.

Move List

  • Picks up an enormous chunk of ice and slams it into the ground. The ice bounces once, and will do shockwave damage once landing again.
  • Shouts "Don't even try messing with the master!" before jumping high into the air and slamming into the ground, causing damage on the entire screen.
  • Casts Super Armor. A lot.
  • When you launch him, there's a chance that he will roll away, launch you and do 1 damage to you, which makes him very annoying.


  • Malaga is extremely difficult because almost all his attacks can and will affect the entire screen.
  • Grab him, ESPECIALLY once he picks up that huge chunk of ice (GRAB HIM FROM BEHIND). Any unprepared (or noob) party members will suffer critical damage.
  • When he lets out his war cry, grab him. If you can't, time his landing with your jump (even if you think there's no way his attack could reach you; it will). Ice will also shoot out from his landing spot, so be wary.