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Great He'etako

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Icon-Great He'etako.png
Great He'etako

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IconGreat He'etako.png Great He'etako


Type TypeBeast.png
Family Octopus
Level 38
Dungeons First Spine
Drops unknown
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Great He'etako is the boss of First Spine. It's a larger version of the Devourer.

Move List

  • Releases black mist, causes bleeding or poison.
  • Latches on to player (like its Octopus brethren). Causes confusion if it has latched on long enough.
  • Constantly summons Devourers and He'etakos when attacked
  • Jump spin (Devourer skill).
  • Charges a spin and spins rapidly across the room for a long duration.
  • Haste Aura, that grants other Octopus-type monsters increased movement and attack speed


  • Depending on its AI, the difficulty of this fight can range from pathetically easy to nigh impossible. Sometimes, he may not use his more powerful spinning attacks at all, and at other times, he'll spam it over and over.
  • Despite its size, this boss is not immune to grabs or lifting attacks.
  • When charging its spin, the boss will begin to blink red. It becomes immune to weaker attacks, and can only be canceled with force (Draw Sword, Mountain Pusher, etc.).
  • It has a tendency to chain its jump spin ability if it lands. This can result in death if a teammate doesn't break its chain.
  • Using attacks that do very little hits may reduce the chances of it spawning other Octopus-type monsters when it is attacked.