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Category:Golden Road Dungeons

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Golden Road
Forgotten Land.png
Location Underfoot
Min. Level 25
Level 25-86
Monster Level 86
End Boss Varies

Golden Road is an area accessed through Joah Ferrero which enables the player to enter Forgotten Land or Voyage Log.


Forgotten Land

Forgotten Land Loading Screen
Dungeon Name Level
Forgotten Land Banner.png Forgotten Land 25-86

Voyage Log

Voyage Log dungeons grant varying special rewards upon defeating the Boss monster. These dungeons can only be entered once per week.

  • Your entry count is reset every Tuesday at 9:00 AM (UTC)
  • These dungeons do not require Fatigue Points.
  • Party play is not allowed.
  • You must be Level 50 or above to enter.
Dungeon Name Level Rewards
Trial of the Champion.png Trial of the Champion 50-110 300 Refined Powerful Energy.png Refined Powerful Energy
Inner Castle.png Inner Castle 50-110 30 Power Essence.png Power Essence
Underground Castle.png Underground Castle 50-110 500 Condensed Mist Core.png Condensed Mist Core

Largus Lake

Largus Lake Loading Screen


Dungeon Name Level
Largus Lake West.png Largus Lake West 40-60
Largus Lake South.png Largus Lake South 61-86
Largus Lake East.png Largus Lake East 75-86

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