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Gold Dragon Tournament

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Gold Dragon Tournament
Gold Dragon Tournament.png
Location Suju Tournament Field
Min. Level 69
Level 69-72
Monster Level Unknown
End Boss Varies
Only the strong will survive!

Arena Tournament: Gold Dragon

Only the strong will survive to compete for the ultimate victory! You never know who you might face!
No one can predict the outcome!
Everyone is welcome to participate!
Passionate battles with fierce combatants in the Gold Dragon Tournament!


Min. Fatigue Points: 2 (If you lose and drop out the first round)
Max. Fatigue Points: 8 (All rounds clear)

  • Instead of of a Dungeon, you will be fighting in a small tournament that consists of 4 rounds. Each round consumes Fatigue Points at the beginning of the Round.


Nen Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Chin Chin Esta.png Chin Chin Esta
  • The youngest of the infamous triplets. Watch out for her sharp spin kicks.
Lin Esta.png Lin Esta
  • The oldest of the infamous triplets. Conceal and downward attacks are her best moves.
Jinpai.png Jinpai
  • A dirt poor, yet cheerful girl who knows how to use Nen Shot.
Hwaryung.png Hwaryung
  • She combines the element of Fire into her Nen Shots.
Cho Ah.png Cho Ah
  • She possesses powerful Nen that seem like blossoms floating in the wind and uses powerful energy shields.
  • She has an attack much like a miniature Energy Shield which may stun you.
  • She can camouflage herself to teleport and attack the player.

Sword Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Biwoong.png Biwoong
  • An ordinary guy who runs a fruit stand. His main move is jumping and sending out blasts from his sword.
Horyu.png Horyu
  • Horyu uses a fast sword technique called “Swordsmanship That Can Slice the Moon!”

Spear Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Jin.png Jin
  • A feisty young lad who specializes in downward attacks and stabs.
Cho Itshin.png Cho Itshin
  • He is renowned for his good looks but has entered the competition to earn money for his sister’s medical treatments. He sends Nen to the tip of his spears to send out blasts.

Staff Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Gowoota.png Gowoota
  • A young man who has entered the competition to avenge his father. Be cautious of his spinning staff move.
Haneum.png Haneum
  • He is from a sect that uses Nen imbued with the Ice element. He uses a downward attack that is colder than ice.


Enemy Name Notes
Roughneck Jagyu.png Roughneck Jagyu
  • Reckless and brash, he attacks at high speed, spinning his flail.
Tapei.png Tapei
  • An earnest young man with very little talent. Be careful of his flail, which has the ability to pull opponents toward him.
Moonsu.png Moonsu
  • He is from a sect that imbues electricity into Nen. He concentrates his Nen at the tip of his weapons.
Seorak.png Seorak
  • He uses a mace to attack. His mace has the ability to create shockwaves.