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God of Knowledge: True Black Tortoise

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

God of Knowledge- True Black Tortoise.png God of Knowledge: True Black Tortoise

No Video
Awakening Passive Skill


Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 60
Prerequisite Skills:


God of Knowledge- True Black Tortoise.png

Improves Black Tortoise.png Black Tortoise, granting capability to immobilize Boss/Named Monsters, and enhancing the DEF Decrease Debuff.


  • SP per level: 60


  • The hold duration is added after the reduction to the original time. E.g., if the default hold duration is 18 seconds: 4.6 seconds = 18*.2+1.
  • The increased defense reduction applies to any foe, but this value is not added to Black Tortoise's skill info.


  • Prior to DnF Season 4, Act 4 part 2, it was an active skill that summoned a Black Tortoise with a powerful defense debuff and the ability to petrify foes near the held target.

Skill Growth


Skill Level Level Req. Champion/Named/Boss
Hold Duration
Physical & Magic
Defense Reduction
Force of Black Tortoise
Defense Reduction
1(M) 60 +1 sec -3500 -3500
2 - +2 sec -4000 -4000
3 - +3 sec -4500 -4500
4 - +4 sec -5000 -5000
5 - +5 sec -5500 -5500