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Gershen Grigun

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Gershen Grigun
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Move List

Melee Attack: Short-ranged attack that has moderate hitstun. Only uses if you're too close.

Sleep Grenade: Grigun rolls backwards and lets loose a Sleep Grenade that moves along the x-axis. Will inflict Sleep if it hits you. Use a Sleep Potion or Mini/Mega World Toys to wake up. Alternatively, other players can toss Skytree Nuts to wake others up. Move up or down to avoid it.

Retreat: Grigun will cast Camouflage on himself and quickly move about the room before reappearing elsewhere.

Record Strong Land Runner (RSLR): Grigun will say he's summoning a RSLR, and a Land Runner will fall from the sky turning into a RSLR. These are basically giant Land Runners that move slowly about the room. If you get too close to one, it'll explode, dealing EXTREME damage and most likely killing anyone within the blast radius. Can be baited into blowing up using Summons and taunts (Jackyl/Shururu, Jimmy/Angus, etc.). Otherwise, attempt to kill them though ranged attacks or avoid them altogether.

When Gershen Grigun reaches certain levels of health, he'll use his Special Attacks.

G-DETECTOR: At around 80% HP, Grigun summons the G-DETECTOR (looks similar to G-3) to focus on one character. If the affected player does anything but walking or standing still, the G-DETECTOR will quickly blast them multiple times, most likely killing the character. It will then move to the closest available character. Only lasts 15 seconds.

Summon Tempesters: At around 50% HP, Grigun will summon 4 special Land Runners with Auras in the room. These must be taken out within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, it'll become an Air Combat Mech Tempester. The Tempesters act like a Mechanic's, but will last until they or Grigun dies. Knock them out of the air and wail on them; they have pretty crappy hitstun, so they can be beat on pretty easily.

Time Bombs: At around 30% HP, Grigun will become invincible and summon Time Bombs across the room. These will countdown from 5 to 0 and then explode, instantly killing players. This can be avoided by finding a faulty Time Bomb that has smoke coming out of it. When the Time Bombs hit 0, the faulty Time Bomb will create a Nen Guard to protect from the explosions. You can also avoid the explosions using Nen Guard and invincibility frames. Beware though! The Time Bombs can be destroyed, exploding prematurely and if you attack while in the Nen Guard, it can break it! Avoid using G-2 or Nen Spiral in this phase. Grigun will usually do this 3~4 times.