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Doom Taiorik

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Icon-Doom Taiorik.png
Doom Taiorik
Named Monster


  • Black Hole: Taiorik summons a black hole in front of him, slowly sucking in players. Players that are caught are held for a short time and take massive damage.
  • Flash: Overtime, Taiorik slowly becomes brighter. Eventually, he will flash, stunning all players that are facing towards him.
  • Shoulder Swipe: Taiorik will reguarly damage, stun, and apply a red aura to all targets in front of him. Players with a red aura will summon a small flare whenever they are stunned or take damage, which will slowly move towards Taiorik and heal him upon contact.
  • Otherversal Lightning: Eventually, Taiorik will summon pentacles underneath and above him, followed by the message "Watch out, energy is leaking from the Otherverse!" This will cause a large number of lightning strikes to appear in very quick succession over time, dealing moderate damage.
  • Red Orbs: Taiorik summons four red orbs at the center of the arena. These can and must be destoyed, otherwise they will deal a large amount of party-wide damage if left alive long enough.


  • Immediately hold and burst Taiorik down upon entering the room. Most parties will be able to kill him before he is able to do any mechanics by doing so, as he does not have much health.