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Doom Plagnus

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Icon-Doom Plagnus.png
Doom Plagnus
Named Monster

Move List

  • Air Drop: Upon entering the room, Plagnus will be invincible. Shortly after, he will jump into the air and drop five pillars on each player one after another. On the fifth pillar, Plagnus will dive down onto a random player and attempt to grab them. If he is successful, they will take moderate damage and will be inflicted with Confusion (Status).png Confusion (Status) for a long time. Furthermore, Plagnus summons a Dimensional Spirit of the grabbed player.
    • If 20 or more pillars exists at the same time, they will vibrate, constantly stunning all players.
  • Dimensional Spirit: The Dimensional Spirit will slowly cast a self-destruction spell. If they are not killed before the cast bar resolves, all players will take lethal damage.
  • Wave Slash: Periodically, Plagnus will throw a crescent-shaped wave in front of him. If a player is caught by this attack, Plagnus will immediately shoot three more waves, which deal much higher damage and knocks back caught players.

Throughout the fight, there will be a cast-bar on the lower portion of the screen. When this fills up, Plagnus will cast Air Drop again.


  • Immediately destory pillars when convienent, as the constant stun effect will make the fight extremely hard to deal with.
  • Try to coordinate where players will generally stand during Air Drop so as to avoid running into each other's pillars.
  • Stay mobile during Air Drop to avoid the subsequent grab attack.