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Dendroid Hub

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Dendroid Hub
Dendroid Hub.png
Location Inverted Waterfall
Min. Level 61
Level 61-64
Monster Level 64
End Boss Amphora


Centaur Leader


The Dendroids are a tribe of intelligent trees that used to keep to themselves in their quiet settlement atop Behemoth's back. Only recently have they started acting violent, abducting GBL followers that get too close to their jungle. They've even set their own jungle on fire more than once. Rumor has it even Centaur, the knight of the green who looks out for the jungle, has fallen to victim to this madness. GBL is recruiting adventurers to rescue its followers and investigate the deranged Dendroids.


Map DendroidBreedingGrounds.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:







Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Cambion Goth Belt.png Cambion Goth Belt Heavy Armor Belt 45 P. Def. +986
STR +15
INT +11
VIT +14
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
Centaur Gaiters.png Centaur Gaiters Heavy Armor Bottom 45 P. Def. +2464
STR +25
INT +19
VIT +23
Cambion Steel Armlet.png Cambion Steel Armlet Bracelet 45 M. Def. +2957
STR +23
VIT +56
Woody Plant's Wooden Heart.png Woody Plant's Wooden Heart Necklace 45 M. Def. +4928
INT +34
SPR +56
HP MAX +220
+15 HP per Min
Centaur Breastplate.png Centaur Breastplate Heavy Armor Top 45 P. Def. +2957
STR +25
INT +19
VIT +23
Centaur Club.png Centaur Club Bludgeon 45 P. Atk. +557
M. Atk. +481
I. Atk. +296
STR +56
Hit Rate +6 %
Bludgeon Mastery Skill Lvl + 1
Dark Knight(M):
Shadowy Bludgeon Mastery Skill Lvl + 1
Crushing Bludgeon Mastery Skill Lvl + 1
Centaur Dual Scimitars.png Centaur Dual Scimitars Katana 45 P. Atk. +481
M. Atk. +531
I. Atk. +296
STR +37
INT +56
Casting Speed +9 %
Physical Critical Chance +5 %
Magic Critical Chance +3 %
Hit Rate -1 %
Critical Damage +7%
Katana Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Dark Knight(M):
Shadowy Katana Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Swift Katana Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Centaur Scale Spear.png Centaur Scale Spear Spear 45 P. Atk. +629
M. Atk. +430
I. Atk. +296
STR +56
Attack Speed +3 %
Physical Critical Chance +10 %
Hit Rate +1 %
Spear Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Sanguinem Skill Lvl + 2
Woody Plant's Tree Vine Scythe.png Woody Plant's Tree Vine Scythe Scythe 45 P. Atk. +481
M. Atk. +506
I. Atk. +295
STR +37
INT +37
HP MAX +165
Physical Critical Chance +4 %
Magic Critical Chance +4 %
Hit Rate +2 %
Critical Damage +7% on Immobilized enemies