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Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head

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Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head

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IconSpirazzi.png Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head


Type TypeUndead.png ArmorTypeBuilding.png
Family Dragon
Level 47
Dungeons The Catacombs
Drops unknown
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"I have a harrowing tale of epic proportions to share with you. It is no secret that the tyrannical Bakal once had plans to rule Arad, after he conquered Empyrean. He summoned three dragons of his own creation and unleashed them into Arad as his will dictated. Hismar, the Violent Dragon, was the first to strike. After a long battle, Hismar was slain...Hismar's failure was followed by the invasion of the creature we know as Spirazzi, the Death Dragon. The Death Dragon plummeted down to Arad with reckless force. The Dark Elves were prepared for Spirazzi's invasion, as it was foretold by their predecessors. They captured Spirazzi and tore him apart, keeping his head chained up in their Catacombs..."

~ Iris Fortunesinger

Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head is the boss of The Catacombs. It is a giant immobile dragon skull, and as such, cannot be grabbed or launched. It won't get resealed without putting up a fight—and Spirazzi, living up to its grisly reputation as the "Death Dragon," easily counts as one of the most dangerous bosses in all of Noire Ferra.

  • Spirazzi's most basic attacks include biting the player at melee range, which usually inflicts a high-level Bleeding status, or roaring and stunning anyone too close to it.
  • Chain Strike: Its basic long-range attack. Three chains are flung out and slammed into the ground, dealing heavy damage. They will always land where the player was previously, and will typically hit a columned [1 x 3] area. The AOE of each strike is somewhat small and spell markers will show where they will strike about one second before they fire, so if you're careful you can either run out of the way or just jump to avoid it.
  • Mass Chain Strike: Spell markers dot the ground and Spirazzi unleashes a storm of chains. This is one of the Death Dragon's most lethal skills, as it can clip away half a player's HP bar with only a few accurate strikes. Like the Chain Strike, these attacks can be jumped over.
  • Poison Breath: If the player is too close to Spirazzi for too long, a spell marker will appear on the ground. Soon after, Spirazzi's will rear back and spew forth toxic breath. This has a very high chance to inflict a lethal level of Poison; stock up on antidotes, or better yet, avoid it entirely.
  • Summon Spirazzi's Victims: After a certain amount of time has passed, Spirazzi will let out a roar and summon forth the souls of the victims it has slain. Spirazzi is completely invulnerable for the duration that these spirits are active. If they are not killed quickly, Spirazzi will roar again, and the souls will converge on to the player and explode, doing major damage and likely instantly killing him or her if enough of them were still alive.


  • The boss room of The Catacombs is fairly small, which makes combat with Spirazzi a good deal more dangerous. Several guards will also spawn; Lady Specters, Grave Skeletons, Stone Skeletons, and a Soul Eater will fight you. It is vital that all of these monsters be eliminated first, as they can and will interrupt your spells and attacks.
  • Spirazzi's Mass Chain Strike can be difficult to avoid, as the chains are launched all over the map very rapidly. Nevertheless, it can be dodged; once a chain has hit the ground, another will not land in its place again. Being right next to Spirazzi will also allow you to avoid this attack, as none of the chains will land right on top of it. As mentioned above, the strikes can also be jumped over.
  • Spirazzi's victims are troublesome to deal with, as they track the player and their combined explosion covers a large amount of ground. If you aren't able to kill them with heavy AoE (Area of Effect) skills or spells, quickly move around the map until they explode. Jump if you're unable to outrun them when they converge.
  • Its Poison Breath is limited to only the spell marker roving on the ground; standing some ways underneath it, or directly underneath Spirazzi, is safe to do.
  • Spirazzi is extremely vulnerable when unleashing his Mass Chain Strike or Poison Breath; you can run up to it and pound it to dust with any hard-hitting attack. Take note, though, that Spirazzi's hit box is considerably elevated when he is using Poison Breath.