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Dungeon Fighter Online features a crafting system with several levels of crafting ability and several different categories of equipment crafting. As a character increases in crafting level, the resulting equipment can be made with better reinforcement values.

Basic Overview

Each recipe can have a recommended crafting level and type. Depending on the character's crafting level in relation to the recipe's recommended level, the resulting product equipment can normally have a reinforcement value between +0 to +9. A character with level 1 crafting using a level 1 recipe can expect to get +4 to +5 equipment, while a character with level 8 crafting using a level 8 recipe can expect to get +9 equipment. Equipment quality is not affected by crafting level.

Crafting levels start at 1, and can go up to a maximum of 8. Each level requires 20 exp to advance to the next level. Crafting results in randomly awarding 1-3 exp, depending on the character's crafting level in relation to the recipe's recommended crafting level. Using recipes with recommended levels higher than the character's crafting level will give more exp, while the opposite is true. Recipes that are too low in level compared to the character's crafting level (2 below or more) will not give exp when used.

Recipes are one-time use. To use a recipe, right-click on it to open up a separate window containing the list of ingredients required to craft the equipment. Upon obtaining the ingredients, you can craft the equipment, which will consume the ingredients and the recipe.

Recipes with no recommended crafting level do not award crafting exp, nor do their products come with reinforcement.

There is a very small chance that crafting will result in +10 to +12 reinforcement. Doing so will announce the feat in the system chat.


Recipes generally take at least one type of ingredient from the following categories, unless otherwise noted:

Base Materials

Materials usable for recipes will need to be refined or traded for. Roger Levin can take care of the majority of material refinement.

Icon Name Use
Raw Hardener.png Raw Hardener Weapons
Cloth Scrap.png Cloth Scrap All types of armors
Worn Leather.png Worn Leather All types of armors
Weathered Bone Fragment.png Weathered Bone Fragment Unused
Inferior Iron.png Rusty Iron Scrap Unused
Raw Paving Stone.png Raw Paving Stone Accessories
Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment Magic-sealed rare equipment
Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragment Unique / Legendary equipment
Chaos Stone.png Chaos Stone Disassembler profession Sub-Equipment
Nihilistic Demon Stone.png Nihilistic Demon Stone Legendary Equipment
Onyx.png Onyx Weapons
Diamond.png Diamond Unused
Blood Stone.png Blood Stone Unused
Obsidian.png Obsidian Unused
Aquamarine.png Aquamarine Unused


Used in magic-sealed rare recipes.

Icon Name Level Range
Seal of Lady Shannon Myre.png Seal of Lady Shannon Myre 1-15
Seal of Keldon Xavi.png Seal of Keldon Xavi 20-35
Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi 40-55
Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm 60-80


Passes can be bought from NPCs. The higher level the product equipment, the higher grade ticket required, and in higher quantities.

Icon Name Cost
Linus' Furnace Pass.png Linus' Furnace Pass 10
Linus's Blacksmith Pass.png Linus's Blacksmith Pass 500
Cinda's Heater Pass.png Cinda's Heater Pass 5,000
Cinda's Forge Shop Pass.png Cinda's Forge Shop Pass 50,000
Kargon's Furnace Pass.png Kargon's Furnace Pass 100,000
Jun's Blacksmith Ticket.png Jun's Blacksmith Ticket 1,000,000

Elemental Crystals

Magic-sealed rare recipes require Low Grade Elemental Crystal.png Low Grade Elemental Crystals, while better rarity recipes require High Grade Elemental Crystal.png High Grade Elemental Crystals.