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Burning Fiend

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IconBurning Fiend.png
Burning Fiend

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IconBurning Fiend.png Burning Fiend


Type TypeUndead.png
Family Zombie
Level 46-47
Dungeons Scoria Core
Drops unknown
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A special red zombie enemy that spawns in Scoria Core, that is always on fire. Extremely dangerous.

Move List

  • Grabs a player and bites repeatedly, can cause bleeding.
  • Has a burning aura active at all times, and will inflict fire damage periodically to everything near it. Stacks with other Burning Fiends.
  • Has an extremely high fire resistance and extremely fast hit recovery time. Also moves extremely fast.


  • It's important to keep Burning Fiends at a distance from you, especially if you don't have high fire resistance. They can damage you by simply being next to you, even if they're lying down or launched. The fire damage may not be high, but it definitely adds up - especially if you are surrounded by a horde of Burning Fiends.
  • They are very weak against water/ice damage.