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The Auction Hall, as the name suggests, is a player-driven Auction Board where items can be bought, bid, and sold to other players. It can be accessed while in town by either pressing the gavel icon on the bottom of the UI or pressing the 'B' key.

Using the Auction

In the Auction Hall menu, players can either browse through all items currently registered on the Auction Hall or check the status of their listed items.

Registering an Item

In order to register an item, click the Register Item button located at the bottom-left of the Auction Hall window and drag an item onto the slot. Before registering the desired item, at least one of two types of prices must be set:

  • Buy Now, which allows the item to be purchased at a set price.
  • Initial Bid, which sets a initial bidding price for the item. The highest bidder 25 hours after the item has been registered will win the item. This field can be left blank to disable bidding. Bids must be at least 5% higher than that of the previous bid.

A panel that contains a sample of current prices for the item can be seen as well, allowing for a better judgement of what to price the item to be sold. Afterwards, the item will be displayed in the Auction Hall for 25 hours regardless if its owner is online or not.

Note that the following restrictions are in place:

  • The item must be tradable.
  • A maximum of 10 items can be registered.
  • Items purchased with CERA, such as Pet Eggs and Avatars, cannot be registered.
  • If an No Icon.png Arad Auction License is purchased from the CERA shop, the maximum item count is increased to 30 and CERA items can be registered.

In addition, all registered items require a 10,000 Goldicon.png Gold deposit.


If a registered item successfully sells, the player will receive an in-game notification in the mailbox that outlines the transaction and the price of the item registered (minus a 5% transaction fee) plus the original 10,000 Goldicon.png Gold deposit.

If the item fails to sell after 25 hours, the item will be returned to the player's inventory through the mailbox along with the deposit.