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Area of Operations

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Area of Operations (작전 지역)
Saint Horn Screen.png
Location Arad
Min. Level 1
Level 1-15
Monster Level 3-15
End Boss Icon-Trap King Lion.png Trap King Lion
Map of the Area of Operations

The Area of Operations is a Female Slayer exclusive dungeon area that is accessible via the Saint Horn. The Area of Operations is comprised of two regions, Abnova and the Streets, and covers the storyline of the Resistance Army's activities against the Empire.

The area was removed with the addition of the Great Metastasis Update but its dungeons were still accessible through Another Arad, albeit random. After the Origin Update, these dungeons became completely inaccessible.


Area Background:

「세인트 혼의 혁명군과 함께 제국군에 대항하게 됩니다. 제국의 수용소를 기습하고, 벨 마이어 공국을 무단 점거한 제국군을 몰아냅니다.」[1]

Fight together with the Resistance against the Imperial Army. Raid the Empire's prison camps, and drive out the Imperial Army that forcibly occupy the Principality of Bel Myre.

Abnova (아브노바)
아브노바는 제국과 벨 마이어 공국 사이에 뻗은 광활한 숲을 말한다.
워낙 숲이 우거지고 깊어 빛이 들어오지 않아 검은 숲이라는 뜻의 아브노바라 불린다.
아브노바의 몬스터들은 그란플로리스 숲에 서식하는 몬스터들보다 더욱 사악하다.
이들은 지능이 높으며 간교한데다 자신들의 이익을 위해 제국에 복종하고 있다.
특히 아브노바에는 제국의 비밀 수용소들이 숨겨져 있는데 그 위치를 찾아내기가 불가능에 가깝다.
이는 숲이 미로처럼 복잡한 탓도 있지만 수용소 근처를 지키는 몬스터들에의해 접근조차 힘들기 때문이다.[1]

Abnova refers to the vast forest that stretches between the Empire and the Principality of Bel Myre.
The forest so dense and deep that no light can peer through, so it is called 'Abnova', meaning 'black forest'.
Abnova's monsters are far more sinister than those of Grand Flores.
They are highly intelligent and cunning, and even go as far as obey the Empire for their own benefit.
Particularly in Abnova, there are hidden secret Imperial prison camps, which are near impossible to find.
This is because the forest is as complicated as a maze. So much so, that it is difficult to navigate even for the monsters who guard the camps.

The Streets (시가전)
벨 마이어 공국을 무단으로 점거한 제국군.
하지만 공국은 정치적인 압박에 의해 그들을 상대로 무력을 쓸 수 없다.
스카디 여왕은 암암리에 레지스탕스에게 제국군을 제압해 줄 것을 의뢰한다.[1]

The Imperial Army forcibly occupy the Principality of Bel Myre.
However, the Principality cannot use force against them due to political pressure.
Empress Skardi secretly hires the Resistance to subdue the Imperial Army.


Dungeon Name Level
Rollingstone.png Rolling Stone 1-3
Blackstone.png Black Stone 3-4
Redstone.png Red Stone 6-9
Elvenguardstreetfight.png Elvenguard Streets 8-11
Hendonmyrestreetfight.png Hendon Myre Streets 10-13
Empirerampart.png Imperial Castle Wall 12-15