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Strawberry Nose Della
Rednose Della.png
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Merchant; Fortuneteller
Location Black Market

Strawberry Nose Della is a merchant in the Black Market, an older-looking woman with a rather red ("strawberry") nose. She is not originally from Harlem. She is well-known for her excellent potion-making skills and her lackluster fortunetelling. Della also knows quite a bit about magic and about current events, and sometimes makes money by offering information in exchange for customers purchasing her goods.


  • Gives out Side Quests for Disaster Sector and Dawning Crevice in Harlem after reaching level 95 and completing all Scenario quests in Harlem/Tayberrs.
  • Sells Harlem Area Epic equipment boxes, including armor, accessories, and special equipment.
  • Sells recipes to convert Harlem Area Legendary equipment (excluding weapons) into Harlem Area Epic equipment.
  • Will provide the player with Aberrant Crystalline.png Aberrant Crystallines in exchange for Aberrant Fragment.png Aberrant Fragments.
  • Will retexturize Harlem and Tayberrs Epic armor, allowing the player to use any armor type while taking advantage of their class's armor mastery.




Item Level Binding Cost
Suspicious Snake Skewer.png Suspicious Snake Skewer 1 Untradable 20,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Aberrant Crystalline.png Aberrant Crystalline 1 Untradable 10 Aberrant Fragment.png Aberrant Fragment
Purged Aberrant Crystalline.png Purged Aberrant Crystalline 1 Bind to Account 10 Aberrant Crystalline.png Aberrant Crystalline



Conversation start

  • You look troubled. How about I tell your fortune? For a price, of course. *Giggle*"
  • Try this potion. It might make you refreshed... I said "might." *Giggle*"
  • I've lived long enough to get all stooped at the waist like this because of Delarion.

Conversation end