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Nevillo Jurgen

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JurgenIcon.png Nevillo Jurgen
Age 46
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Nobility; Investigator
Alias N/A
Location Zelva, Ghent Imperial Palace

Nevillo Jurgen is an Empyrean Nobility and Investigator. He is located in Zelva, but moves to the Ghent Imperial Palce upon completion of Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye.

He also has a daughter named Marianne Jurgen.


The leader of the Jurgen family, Nevillo was raised with a silver spoon but even an easy life did not dissuade him from having political ambitions. He reached a very high political position at a young age by using his cunningness and brilliance. He single-handedly increased the power and influence of his noble family whose status had fallen into obscurity not so long ago.

As the war with the Kartel intensified, many nobles left Ghent for Northpiece but Nevillo stayed, his pride could not allow him to abandon the war. Being a great marksman in his own right, he fought with the Imperial Soldiers against the Kartel.

He also became a regent of the Empire when Princess Erje was kidnapped by the Kartel during the war.

He is never satisfied and continues to pursue interest that will further his influence and status. His ambitions have caused him to clash with the “Jifa Faction”, a group of nobles considered to be close advisors of the Princess.

He believes the “Jifa Faction” has done nothing but use Princess Erje for their benefit and caused the deterioration within the Empire.

Because of his dissatisfaction with the current state of the Empire, he plans to replace the nobles that control the Government with a regime that is under a single powerful ruler and he will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal.


Request Chat

  • My family was a founding member of the country. It's famous in its own right, but not enough to represent the nobility of Northpiece. The day I decided to stop listening to my father was when things started changing for the better for my family. And when I became sixteen, Father made me the head of the in place of him.
  • I understand some people are not happy with the treaty we've made with the Empire, but they can't see the forest for the trees. Look, fighting is all about shedding each other's blood, and we're letting them shed their blood for us. The people of Underworld can never hurt us. This treaty is helping us stabilize Empyrean. You shouldn't listen to those ignorant conspiracists.
  • A few years ago, I encountered a group of pirates in the Hirring Archipelago, and I was without a single guard. But as you can see, I survived the battle. True nobles know how to defend themselves.

Request Chat (Upon the completion of Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

  • Adventurer, thank you for coming this far. You weren't hurt that day, were you? Neither was I. By the time I returned to Ghent, everything was over... I won't ask you about Princess Erje. I know you're good friends with her, and asking about her will only make you feel uncomfortable. We'd love to hear anything you could tell us, but rest assured that we do not want to cause you any trouble.
  • I've heard you met with my daughter. I'm sorry that she treated you so rudely. She'll never make that same mistake again. I thought she's grow up once she's married, but she's still acting like a child, and not just in front of me, either. I failed to raise her properly.
  • There is no doubt what Captain Hiram did was reckless. There's a time and place for everything, but he ignored it. I guess that's what you can expect from a soldier who's used to using force. But it's too late to regret it now, and I'm determined to plow through this mess, whatever it takes. He made a rash decision... But what he did needed to be done sooner or later, for the people and for the development of Empyrean. I'll restore things to order and lead this country on the right path.


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