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Giant Dragon Natram

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Icon-Giant Dragon Natram.png
Giant Dragon Natram
Armor type

Giant Dragon Natram is the boss of Sanctum of Kulunchad.

Move List

  • "Who shall become my sacrifice!!": Vacuums the area towards a center point, then takes a bite at that point of him, swallowing and spitting out any player hit and spit them out for damage. Will trap bitten players in a crystal in the middle of the room if there is more than one player in the party.
  • "Those who stand in my path shall turn to stone.": His horn shines yellow momentarily, and then those who are facing Natram are inflicted with Stone Curse (Status).png Stone Curse (Status)
  • His horn shines blue momentarily, then drops Nen Crystals around the area. These Nen Crystals cannot be destroyed manually, and will explode when approached.
  • Slams the ground with his claw, which causes multiple fissures to appear on the ground, which cause fire pillars to burst out a few moments later.
  • Breathes fire in front of him.
  • Will activate a blue barrier and then heal himself for some amount health after a short while when his health is low. Only used once during the fight.