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Endless Eternity

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Endless Eternity.png
Endless Eternity
0.001 kg

Can be found in dungeons at Level 60 or above, and used as for entering the Suju Arena. (Source: Dungeon monsters)

Man believes where there's a beginning, there's an end. What they believe to be an end is not a true end. Just because they cannot see anymore, that doesn't mean it no longer exists.


Dropped by

  • Monsters Level 60 and higher.




NPC Item Level Binding Cost
Jun, the Blacksmith Gold Dragon Qualification.png Gold Dragon Qualification 1 Untradable 5 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternity, 40 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragment
Jun, the Blacksmith Silver Dragon Qualification.png Silver Dragon Qualification 1 Untradable 7 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternity, 50 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragment