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Set Effects


Inflict Shadow Damage
Inflict Shadow Damage

Divine Invocation Skill Lvl +1
Valor Blessing Skill Lvl +1
Forbidden Curse Skill Lvl +1

If 21 or higher Shadow Resistance, All Atk. +10%

If 21 or higher Shadow Resistance, Bonus Damage +10%

Crusader/Enchantress Options (Disabled by Holy Ghost Mace):

Apocalypse.png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette STR/INT bonus +32


Divine Invocation Skill Lvl +2
Apocalypse Skill Lvl +1
Valor Blessing Skill Lvl +2
Crux of Victoria Skill Lvl +1
Forbidden Curse Skill Lvl +2
Marionette Skill Lvl +1

Skill Atk. +4% for every 7 Shadow Resistance (Up to +16%)

All Elemental Damage +10 for every 7 Shadow Resistance (Up to +40)

Attack/Movement Speeds +5% for every 9 Shadow Resistance (Up to +15%)
Casting Speed +10% for every 13 Shadow Resistance (Up to +20%)

Crusader/Enchantress Options (Disabled by Holy Ghost Mace):

Divine Invocation.png Divine Invocation/Valor Blessing.png Valor Blessing/Forbidden Curse.png Forbidden Curse STR/INT bonus +6%

Sign of Protection.png Sign of Protection VIT/SPR bonus +15%
Valiant Aria.png Valiant Aria additional buff effect intensification +5%
Destiny Puppet.png Destiny Puppet additional buff effect intensification +5%

(If the level difference between the monster and equipment exceeds 35, the Valiant Aria and Destiny Puppet's buff effect amplification rate will not be applied.)

Grace of Protection.png Grace of Protection VIT/SPR +195

Revelation- Aria.png Revelation: Aria/Puppeteer (Enchantress).png Puppeteer (Enchantress) INT +188


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
No icon available Shoes of the Bottomless Pit Cloth Shoes 100 P. Def. +766
STR +100
INT +135
SPR +35
EXO +369
Movement Speed +4 %
Shadow Resist +5
All Elemental Damage +0-70 (see description)
All Lv. 1 - 100 skills +1 level (conditional)
Aura of Conviction Skill Lvl +2
Pious Passion Skill Lvl +2
Petite Diablo Skill Lvl +2
Don't put on these shoes. They'll take you to hell.


  • The effects of this set and its pieces are similar to those of the level 80 Dark Gothic Set.