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Category:Interdimensional Rift Dungeons

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Interdimensional Rift
Location Saint Horn
Min. Level 70
Level 70+
Monster Level 70+
End Boss Bakal, the King of Dragons
Map of Interdimensional Rift
Loading Screen of Interdimensional Rift
Old Map of Interdimensional Rift

Accessed through the Interdimensional Rift on the left side of Saint Horn (you can get to Saint Horn through Ludmilla at Underfoot Harbor). The Otherverse contains extremely hard dungeons and powerful monsters. Referred to as the "Impossible Dungeons" through in-game files. Essentially, these are endgame PvE dungeons for some classes. A good amount of coordination and teamwork is required to conquer these dungeons, as they have various gimmicks not seen elsewhere in the game.

To enter the non-solo version of these dungeons, you must have at least a party of 2. You are limited to 8 life tokens for each dungeon and each difficulty also has a different requirements for a stat called Exorcism Parameter. The Exorcism Parameter can be found on Chronicle equipment. Your stats will be penalized if you do not reach the minimum requirement for Exorcism Parameters, while having an excess will result in a bonus.

Minibosses and Bosses will drop Chronicle items or recipes. 2nd and 3rd Chronicle set pieces only drop on Expert difficulty or higher.

Otherverse Dungeons

The following dungeons are chosen at random.

Dungeon Name Level
Goblin Kingdom.png Goblin Kingdom 70+
Castle Nebulous.png Castle Nebulous 70+
Rangelus' Guerillas.png Rangelus' Guerillas 70+
Dark Side.png Dark Side 70+
Castle of Bakal.png Castle of Bakal 70+

Entry Restrictions

Old Versions

The entry restrictions for the Otherverse dungeons are as follows:

  • You can only enter any of the Otherverse dungeons 2 times a day for each dungeon.
  • You must have a Party of at least 2 people in order to enter, or else you will enter the Single variant of the dungeon.
    • You will be accompanied by an APC that will guide you through each room in the Single versions of each dungeon.
    • Certain quests cannot be completed on Normal difficulty of Single versions of the dungeons.
  • A maximum of only 8 Life Tokens can be used per player.
    • There is no Life Token restriction on Normal difficulty of Single versions of the dungeons. Tokens are also free of charge in this difficulty.
  • Required Level: 70 or higher.

Act 7 Part 3

  • The single mode has been removed. Also the tutorials have been removed. Instead there is a separate practice mode that fulfills this function.
  • Otherverse Knower has been removed.
  • You can no longer choose the dungeon you want to enter. A random dungeon is chosen, like the Interdimensional Rupture area. The Dark Side dungeon doesn't appear as often as the other ones. Void Rift is no longer available.
  • You can enter Otherverse a total of 5 times per day.
  • The separate A and B entrance tickets have been removed and replaced with a generic Otherverse reentry ticket.
  • Difficulty has been substantially decreased and some gimmicks removed.

Exorcism Parameter.png Exorcism Parameter

Exorcism Parameter is a special stat used for Otherverse dungeons. It changes your Strength.png Strength, Intelligence.png Intelligence, Vitality.png Vitality, Spirit.png Spirit, and Attack Strength for those dungeons based on the difference between how much you have, and the dungeon difficulty you are attempting.

While it's not mandatory you have the required Exorcism Parameter, your stats will suffer if you do not meet the requirement. The larger the difference between your Exorcism Parameter and the minimal Exorcism Parameter for the dungeon, the larger your stat penalty will be. If your Exorcism Parameter exceeds the minimum required, your stats will be increased instead.



If you have less than the required Exorcism Parameter for a dungeon, you'll have a penalty to your stats.

The formula is approximately
floor( (1 – (current / required)) * 100)
  • For example: Entering Expert mode with 65 Exorcism Parameter would have you with a -27% penalty
  • This is capped at -70% penalty.


If you have more than the required Exorcism Parameter for a dungeon, you'll gain a bonus to your stats.

The bonus formula is approximately
floor( (current / required – 1) * 195)
  • For example: Entering Expert mode with 97 Exorcism Parameter would give you a +15% bonus
  • This is capped at 20% increase.

Required Exorcism Parameter

Normal Expert Master
10 80 95

Otherverse Tips

  • Come prepared. Unlike normal dungeons, Otherverse dungeons are highly gimmicky deathtraps.
  • Pay attention. A number of rooms rely on party coordination. If you're not paying attention, you can end up killing your allies and yourself.
  • Mind the Exorcism Parameter. Each dungeon's difficulty has a different Exorcism Parameter requirement. If you fall too far below the requirements your stats will be severely reduced.
  • When starting out in the Otherverse, don't be afraid to run Normal until you can get the required Exorcism for Expert. Not only will this get you accustomed to the gimmicks, you do not spend tokens upon death in Normal and thus can build up the gear to play Expert for the real goodies much more safely. Also, focus on OV2 over OV3 during this buildup period as OV3 gear is class-locked.

Equipment Comparison

Level Exorcism per slot
Top Bottom Head/Shoulder Belt Shoes Necklace Bracelet Ring Sub Equipment Magic Stone Weapon
60 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 n/a n/a n/a
70 12 12 11 11 11 11 10 11 5 6 20

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