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Category:Interdimensional Rift Dungeons

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The influence of the Metastasis has merged some interdimensional rifts into one. On the other side of this rift, formidible otherwordly entities are waiting for fearless challengers.
Interdimensional Rift
Location Saint Horn
Min. Level 70
Level 70+
Monster Level 70+
End Boss Goblin Kingdom: Goblin King Golgo

Castle Nebulous: Captain Petrilisk

Rangelus' Guerillas: Gershen Grigun

Dark Side: Ozma of Chaos

Castle of Bakal: Bakal, the King of Dragons

Loading Screen of Interdimensional Rift

The Interdimensional Rift, also known as the Otherverse, are a set of challenging dungeons. These can be accessed through the stern of the Saint Horn. It is recommended to having a minimum Exorcism stat of 2944, otherwise the player will take substantially more damage and deal substantially less damage. Furthermore, having an Exorcism stat greater than 2944 will decrease the damage taken and increase the damage dealt.

Named Monsters within the dungeon will drop Interdimensional Fragment.png Interdimensional Fragments, Red Dimensional Aura.png Red Dimensional Auras, Blue Dimensional Aura.png Blue Dimensional Auras, Green Dimensional Aura.png Green Dimensional Auras, and Chronicle Equipment.

The Difficulty of the dungeon can also be increased. There are three difficulty levels that have level and material entry requirements.

Difficulty Level Entry Materials
1 70 Endless Eternity x1
2 80 Endless Eternity x2
3 85 Endless Eternity x3

At higher difficulties, monsters will grow significantly stronger, however the chance of obtaining Chronicle Set Equipment will increase as well. At difficulties 2 and 3 enemies will also drop Ancient Memory Fragment which is used to purchase Quest Legendary (Ancient) gear from Luther. Up to 280 Interdimensional Fragments and 240 Ancient Memory Fragments can be gathered each day. There is the possibly of bosses dropping level 85 legendary gear on difficulties 2 and 3.

Players can enter up to five times a day per character. Additional entries can be obtained through No Icon.png Interdimensional Rift Additional Admission Ticket x1, but entries beyond the first daily five will not yield equipment drops.

There is a possibility of encountering a hidden boss Ephelius during an Interdimensional Rift run. The boss can only be encountered twice per week.

Interdimensional Rift: Otherverse Adversaries

During the June 2018 update the Ancient and Otherverse dungeons were merged into the Interdimensional Rift. Some dungeons were removed. The dungeons that remain all feature apostles as bosses.

Entering this dungeon will lead to one of the following dungeons:

Dungeon Name Level Apostle
Outside the Dark Side.png Outside the Dark Side 70+ Awakened Michael of the Holy Eye
Dark Side.png Dark Side 70+ Ozma of Chaos
Lotus's Stronghold.png Lotus's Stronghold 70+ Gangling Lotus
Castle of Bakal.png Castle of Bakal 70+ Bakal, the King of Dragons
Reshpon, Village of Pain.png Reshpon, Village of Pain 70+ Delezie, Plagued Apostle

Old Otherverse Dungeons

This content was mostly removed in the June 2018 update.

Dungeon Name Level
Merged Interdimensional Rift.png Merged Interdimensional Rift 70+

Entering this dungeon will lead to one of the following dungeons:

Dungeon Name Level
Goblin Kingdom.png Goblin Kingdom 70+
Castle Nebulous.png Castle Nebulous 70+
Rangelus' Guerillas.png Rangelus' Guerillas 70+
Dark Side.png Dark Side 70+
Castle of Bakal.png Castle of Bakal 70+

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