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Long-legged Lotus
PortraitGangling Lotus.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Unknown
Occupation Eighth Apostle
Location Second Spine, Lotus's Lair
I am Long-legged Lotus, the Ruler of the Oceans. Obey me. Submit to me. Dedicate your lives to your master!

Lotus or Long-legged Lotus, the Ruler of the Oceans, the Eighth Apostle of Pandemonium (a.k.a. The One Who Can Carry Thousands of Weapons At Once) is the second Apostle transferred to the Arad Continent and is responsible for the events that occur in Behemoth and the fall of the GBL Order. He is a being consisting of countless arms and is known for his notorious mind-control powers and unparalleled abilities underwater.


Long before the events of the story, Lotus left his maritime world of Solaris to go to Pandemonium during Hilder's journey across the universe to find the "Apostles". Eventually, Lotus, upon defeating many adversaries, was granted the title as the 'Eighth Apostle of Pandemonium'.

In Arad Year 989, while he was hibernating, Lotus was transferred from Pandemonium to atop the flying sky whale in the Arad Continent called Behemoth. Upon his arrival, he used his mind-control powers to gradually take control of its residents, the members of the GBL Order, to find out his new location. During this period, he resided in an old temple in the back of Behemoth and controlled the members of the GBL to construct buildings around him to prevent him from being dehydrated from the sun and supply him with enough water to survive. But as a result, many of the GBL members were driven insane and killed each other. Those who remained acted as his personal religious followers and bodyguards against intruders. While doing this, despite his weakened state, Lotus channeled his abilities in an attempt to control Behemoth into going into the ocean to regain his powers.

However, in Arad Year 995, his plan was thwarted by the efforts of a group of Adventurers, the armies of the De Los Empire and the Principality of Bel Myre, and two of the Four Legendary Blade Masters. Although only at around 10% of his true power, Lotus puts up a considerable fight but meets his inevitable end. Upon his death, he reveals in his parting words the prophecy of his death and the eventual destruction of the Arad world.

In the parallel universe Mirror Arad, upon Lotus's arrival upon Behemoth in the Arad Year 989, the GBL Order, under the leadership and quick thinking of Ophelia Bagrans and through a great many losses, successfully seal away the Apostle in an old temple with powerful magic. However, as time passed, the seal gradually weakened...

In Arad Year 995, the seal is broken and Lotus uses his mind-control powers to take control of Behemoth and drive it into the ocean. However, before he could complete his plan, he was killed by a group of Adventurers, the armies of the De Los Empire and the GBL, and three of the Four Legendary Blade Masters.


  • "I will take your very soul!"
  • "How did a fragile creature get here? I'll show you the power of the Apostles!"
  • "Some fools have come to challenge me. Ridiculous! All right, come at me! I'll crush your puny skulls and show how delusional you are."
  • "You'll be in pain even after death!"
  • "You fools, do you really think you can beat me? I can only laugh."
  • "... What drives you? What do you want to achieve with that body? What is at the end of all this... do you really know? You know nothing, and you want to quell this anger? Your ignorance will only bring death!"
  • "You say that I am evil. That is what you think, but you are all mere puppets who have been created to realize the prophesies of the holy book. To me, you are all spawns of evil. Yes... Your ignorance makes you evil. Foolish Humans, Sirocco and I were one in the beginning. She sacrificed herself to enlighten you regarding the future that lies ahead, yet you wouldn't listen. If you continue on this way, you will walk foolishly onto the path of your own destruction."
  • "I'm dying in here as prophesied in the Bible. Let me ask this before I die: Am I evil? I must be, at least to you. But your ignorance is your undoing. You've invited a catastrophe in exchange for temporary peace. I can't wait to see you all in Hell..."
  • "Ugh... As the holy book has predicted, I die here... I will ask you one last time. Am I evil? That's probably how you see it... You are nothing but mere puppets that risk lives to make the Holy book's prophecy come true... In my eyes, you are evil. You are foolish... Oh humans, Sirocco has foretold what was going to happen to you in the future as she was dying... Soon, your inevitable extinction will be made clear. Uggghk..." ~ Lotus's final words

As an Enemy