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If you want to contact me in-game, my IGN is snafuPop (Crimson Rose). You can also use my Talk page or send a PM to /u/snafuPop on reddit if you have questions or want to leave a comment.

What I've Been Doing

Add items, drop lists, and icons into database. Also revise mob pages I stumble on. I'm bad at consistency so sorry if I edit a page a bajillion times ;-;

TO-DO List

  • Project Pink -- add pink equips
  • Finish Requiem and Liberation weapons/recipes
  • Add icons for things that are missing one
  • Add shop lists
  • Get Silver Bullet (Revolver).png Silver Bullet (removed, got Lord of Ranger.png Lord of Ranger instead orz)
  • Maybe update some skill videos

Extracting Icons 101

Many files in DFO, such as sound effects or images, are packed away in files known as .npks which require a third-party program to unpack everything inside. Certain programs, like DNF Extractor or DFO Toolbox can be used to browse .npk files and allows you to save them as a .png file, among other things. Here's a few pointers (at least, for finding icons for equipment):

  • You can find images in Neople\DFO\ImagePacks2 within whatever drive you have DFO installed. There should be some thousand files, but of course there's only a few that you'll probably end up using.
  • A lot of specific things can just be found by searching inside ImagePacks2 with the built in file searcher.
  • If all else fails, just search for the keyword equipment, which will bring up all of the armor and weapon .npks that hold the sprites.
  • DNF Extractor has a larger variety of features than DFO Toolbox, such as the ability to unpack files as .gifs. This is helpful for certain images, such as Title animations, NPCs, or monsters.

Below is a table that contains the filename for some common images, such as equipment and npcs.

MSlayerIcon.png FSlayerIcon.png KnightIcon.png DarkKnightIcon.png Short Sword Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_swordsman_sswd.NPK
Katana Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_swordsman_katana.NPK
Bludgeon Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_swordsman_club.NPK
Zanbato Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_swordsman_lswd.NPK
Lightsabre Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_swordsman_beamswd.NPK
FighterIcon.png MFighterIcon.png Knuckle Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_fighter_knuckle.NPK
Gauntlet Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_fighter_gauntlet.NPK
Claw Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_fighter_claw.NPK
Boxing Glove Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_fighter_bglove.NPK
Tonfa Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_fighter_tonfa.NPK
MGunnerIcon.png FGunnerIcon.png Revolver Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_gunner_revolver.NPK
Auto Gun Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_gunner_automatic.NPK
Musket Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_gunner_musket.NPK
Hand Cannon Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_gunner_hcannon.NPK
Bowgun Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_gunner_bowgun.NPK
FMageIcon.png MMageIcon.png CreatorIcon.png Spear Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_mage_spear.NPK
Pole Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_mage_pole.NPK
Rod Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_mage_rod.NPK
Staff Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_mage_staff.NPK
Broomstick Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_mage_broom.NPK
PriestIcon.png Cross Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_priest_cross.NPK
Rosary Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_priest_rosary.NPK
Totem Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_priest_totem.NPK
Scythe Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_priest_scythe.NPK
Battle Axe Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_priest_axe.NPK
ThiefIcon.png Dagger Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_thief_dagger.NPK
Dual Blade Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_thief_twinswd.NPK
Wand Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_thief_wand.NPK
Chakra Weapon Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_thief_chakraweapon.NPK
DemonicLancerIcon.png Long Lance Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_demoniclancer_pike.NPK
Halberd Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_01_weapon_demoniclancer_halberd.NPK
Cloth Armor Cloth Shoes Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_02_cloth_shoes.NPK
Cloth Bottom Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_02_cloth_pants.NPK
Cloth Head/Shoulder Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_02_cloth_neck.NPK
Cloth Top Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_02_cloth_coat.NPK
Cloth Belt Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_02_cloth_belt.NPK
Leather Armor Leather Shoes Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_03_leather_shoes.NPK
Leather Bottom Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_03_leather_pants.NPK
Leather Head/Shoulder Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_03_leather_neck.NPK
Leather Top Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_03_leather_coat.NPK
Leather Belt Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_03_leather_belt.NPK
Light Armor Light Shoes Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_04_larmor_shoes.NPK
Light Bottom Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_04_larmor_pants.NPK
Light Head/Shoulder Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_04_larmor_neck.NPK
Light Top Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_04_larmor_coat.NPK
Light Belt Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_04_larmor_belt.NPK
Heavy Armor Heavy Shoes Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_05_harmor_shoes.NPK
Heavy Bottom Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_05_harmor_pants.NPK
Heavy Head/Shoulder Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_05_harmor_neck.NPK
Heavy Top Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_05_harmor_coat.NPK
Heavy Belt Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_05_harmor_belt.NPK
Plate Armor Plate Shoes Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_06_plate_shoes.NPK
Plate Bottom Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_06_plate_pants.NPK
Plate Head/Shoulder Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_06_plate_neck.NPK
Plate Top Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_06_plate_coat.NPK
Plate Belt Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_06_plate_belt.NPK
Accessories Ring Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_07_ring.NPK
Necklace Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_08_necklace.NPK
Bracelet Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_09_bracelet.NPK
Special Equipment Sub Equipment Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_10_support.NPK
Magic Stone Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_11_magicstone.NPK
Earring Icons sprite_item_new_equipment_13_earrrings.NPK