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EX: Vilmark - Area 50

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

EX: Vilmark - Area 50
Location Time Gate - Requiem
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 85-88
End Boss Icon-Hyper Mecha Tau.png Hyper Mecha Tau


During Arad's peaceful days, the empire followed Iris' divination to build a secret testing ground in Elvenguard, where new weapons of mass destruction would be produced. Unfortunately, a series of horrific events have occurred since then: the Devolution, where countless plants and animals have mutated into strange creatures, and the great fire in Grand Flores, both of which were linked to the testing ground. No one has dared to ascertain the connection between the testing ground and these events and all that there is left now in the testing grounds are the incomplete secret weapons and dangerous monsters that infest the ruined site.




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