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Category:Grand Flores dungeons

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Grand Flores
Grand Flores Map.png
Location Elvenguard
Min. Level 1
Level 1-16
Monster Level 3-18
End Boss Icon-Ghoulguish.png Ghoulguish
Loading Screen of Grand Flores

Grand Flores is the first dungeon area located west of Elvenguard. The lush forest was home to many hostile Goblins, Taus, and Lugaru controlled by raging beasts and evil witches.


These are the dungeons that are in Grand Flores.

Dungeon Name Level
Mirkwood.png Mirkwood 1-5
Thunderland.png Thunderland 3-6
PoisonThunderland.png Poison Thunderland 5-8
MirkwoodFrost.png Mirkwood Frost 8-11
Grakqarak.png Grakqarak 11-13
BlazingGrakqarak.png Blazing Grakqarak 13-15
ShadowThunderland.png Shadow Thunderland 14-16

Special Dungeon

Dungeon Name Level
FullMoonThunderland.png Full Moon Thunderland 15


Dungeon Name Previous Level
MirkwoodHollow.png Mirkwood Hollow 3-6

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