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Red Witch

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RedWitchIcon.png Red Witch
Red Witch.png
Age 20
Sex Female
Race Unknown
Occupation Witch
Location Central Park, Red Witch's Forest

The Red Witch is a young girl of unknown origin who was transported to Pandemonium by a twister alongside her dog, Toto. She ended up in the the forest of the Green Witch and, against all odds, defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, and claimed the forest for herself.


  • Gives out Epic and Featured Quests related to Pandemonium
  • Transports players between Underfoot and Central Park once the player has visited Central Park.




Conversation start in Central Park

  • Central Park is prettier than everywhere is else in Pandemonium, but it's missing something vital. That wouldn't be the case if Kate was as aesthetically inclined as I am. Hm, maybe I should volunteer to decorate the place myself.
  • I shouldn't have high hopes for Pandemonium. I'm too strong here, just like I am in my own world. But it's dangerous enough for others who are not as good as I am; they could get killed on the same day they arrive. It's harsh, but true.
  • What? Just say it. I hate when people pussyfoot around. Or... are you stammering because you have the hots for me? Well, if that's the case, I can be patient.

Conversation start in Underfoot

  • Things have changed a lot. Who knew the city of the Dark Elves would rise above the ground? Hm, I've got to say, though, this city is not good enough for me. I like that it's opened to the outside world, but everything else about it is below my expectations. Then again, my expectations are usually high.
  • Sigh, men haven't left me alone since I arrived. They have good taste, sure, but I'm tired of being harassed by them. Don't they know just being able to talk to me is an honor. Speaking of which, you must feel extremely honored to be able to talk to me. You have to have saved your country or something in your previous life to be this lucky. Ho ho ho!
  • Why have I been in Pandemonium for so long? At first I didn't know where I was, and when I finally did, I had something to do. And now I'm not in a rush because I know I can go back to my world whenever I can.

Conversation end


As an Enemy

Red Witch serves as a temporary boss of Red Witch's Forest. She is only fought during Scenario quests, otherwise she is replaced by the Blue Witch, who is virtually similar to the Red Witch.

Icon-Red Witch.png
Red Witch
Armor type

Move List



  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.