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Bakal, the King of Dragons

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Bakal, the King of Dragons
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Dragon
Occupation Former Ninth Apostle
Location Castle of Bakal
Weaklings! I shall bring you a suffering you have never imagined before. So grow strong! If you have potential and pride, then it may just be possible. Your strength must exceed Hilder's expectations. Only then can we create variables that will topple her grand scheme! I will believe in you more than she does. I shall sacrifice myself for this pursuit and dream of the day when you will someday kill Cain and Hilder! However, defeating them cannot be done by relying on a power like magic. Another power is needed. You must find this power on your own!

Bakal, the King of Dragons also known as the former Ninth Apostle, The One Who Breathes Fire. He is responsible for the Dragon War and banning all magic in Empyrean for 500 years as well as the presence of the three dragons in Arad: Berserk Dragon Hysma, Death Dragon Spirazzi, and Skasa the Ice Dragon.



Request Chat

  • I'm tired of weak Humans. Pandemonium is full of challenges. There I couldn't have enough fun popping heads like watermelons.
  • If I could travel through time, I'd like to go back to the first time I met Hilder. I want to cut that sweet-talking tongue of hers. Hah hah ha!
  • Do you know a star named Drakwald? It's a red morning star visible only during early summer. The humans believe Drakwald is ominous and evil. They're not completely wrong; Drakwald is where I'm from.

As an Enemy

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Bakal, the King of Dragons
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