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Zanbato Aganzo

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AganzoIcon.png Zanbato Aganzo
Age 35 during Old Screaming Cavern, current age unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Legendary Grand Master
Location Northern Shelter

Zanbato Aganzo is one of the four legendary Grand Masters. Also known as the world's greatest Zanbato Master. He figured into a quest at Moonlight Tavern, where players had to fight him. Since the Great Metastasis, he now resides in the Northern Shelter. He is a vital piece as players venture through the Time Gate.



Conversation start

Conversation end



As an Enemy

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Aganzo-icon.jpg Zanbato Aganzo


Type TypeHuman.png
Class Blade Master
Level unknown
Dungeons Moonlight Tavern
Screaming Cavern (as a quest APC)
Drops unknown
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Aganzo in-game portrait


One of the four legendary Grand Masters, Aganzo is a miniboss in Moonlight Tavern. He can only fight once you unlock his room in the The Gray Swordsman Epic Quest Chain. Aganzo is the only enemy in the room.

Move List

Usable skills include:


The best thing to do when fighting him is to keep your distance. Because he fights like a regular Blade Master, most of his attacks are close range. Even his awakening can be avoided with ease if you keep your distance. If you are a melee based class, try a hit-and-run tactic against him.