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Basic Overview

  • Bucken in Underfoot can register a guild for 300,000 gold.
    • Guild requires approval from one other online player.


  1. Guild Master
  2. Guild Officer
  3. Sr. Member
  4. Jr. Member
  5. Recruit

Guild Benefits

  • Attains a guild community tab.
  • Attains a private guild chat channel.
  • Attains a guild emblem.
  • Attains a life coin bonus for each guild level up.
  • Attains EXP & Stat bonus from guild specific skills.
  • Private guild area where one can refine, reinforce, access Otherverse dungeons. There is also a guild dungeon.

Guild Management

  • Recruitment & Disbandment
  • Maximum of 300 members can be accepted.
  • Only Senior members and higher can send invitation to players.
  • Other players can request to join a guild, however it must be authorized by the guild master.
  • Guild Officers can promote/demote and expel members of lower ranks, but not of their own rank.
  • A player who left or has been kicked from a guild can't join another guild immediately until 3 days has passed.
  • Gold spent on the guild can't be retrieved.
  • Guild Level
Every fatigue point spent by a guild member counts as a guild experience point. (?)
Once sufficient exp accumulated, the Guild Master or a Guild Officer can pay Bucken to level up a guild.
Each guild level up yields 1 GSP(Guild Skill Point), which can be utilized for leveling up guild skills.
  • Only the Guild Master or a Guild Officer can decide on guild skill.
  • Guild EXP only applies when a guild member clears a dungeon within his level range.
  • Running a dungeon with the level differences of -5 to +3 yields a guild EXP equivalent to the amount of blitz points spent.
  • Guild EXP may take time to be displayed on the system, depending on the server's condition.
  • Failing a dungeon run doesn't yield a single guild EXP. One must successfully clear the dungeon.
  • KNOWN BUG: With the content update that came along with Rare Avatars/Level cap raise on Aug. 18th, 2010, few guildmasters who upgraded the guild level during the 24-hour period between the maintenance reported that the guild upgrade/skill gain cost them 2x the usual.
Guild Lv Total Required
Guild EXP
Required Gold Reward
1 - 100,000G Guild Chat
2 1350 200,000G
  • Guild Emblem
  • 2 Life Coins
  • Unlocks Guild Skill Lv 1
3 4,894 400,000G 4 Life Coins
4 12,150 630,000G
  • 6 Life Coins
  • Unlocks Guild Skill Lv 2
5 25,175 930,000G 8 Life Coins
6 46,738 1,800,000G
  • 10 Life Coins
  • Unlocks Guild Skill Lv 3
7 80,547 2,400,000G 12 Life Coins
8 131,545 3,100,000G
  • 14 Life Coins
  • Unlocks Guild Skill Lv 4
9 206,299 3,900,000G 16 Life Coins
10 313,498 4,900,000G
  • 18 Life Coins
  • Unlocks Guild Skill Lv 5
11 151,112 5,900,000G
  • 10 Life Tokens
  • Unlocks Experience Boost Lv 7
12 N/A N/A


  • Misc.
Guild points can be acquired by using Guild Slips that drop from Southern Dale

Guild Skills

  • Only applies for those with guild rank of Jr. Member or higher.
  • Requires 100,000G, and 1 GSP for each level up.

Guild: Enhancing Individual Ability

Passive Skill
Increases STR, INT, VIT, SPR of all qualifying guild members.

Lv Required
Guild Lv
1 2 STR, INT, VIT, SPR + 5
2 4 STR, INT, VIT, SPR + 9
3 6 STR, INT, VIT, SPR + 15
4 8 STR, INT, VIT, SPR + 22
5 10 STR, INT, VIT, SPR + 30

Guild: Advice for Fast Growth

Passive Skill
Increases obtained EXP of all qualifying guild members.

Lv Required
Guild Lv
1 2 + 1% EXP
2 4 + 2% EXP
3 6 + 3% EXP
4 8 + 4% EXP
5 10 + 5% EXP