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Battle of the Gods

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The Battle of the Gods is an event that occurred long before the story presented in Dungeon Fighter Online and is briefly shown in the game's introduction. The aftermath of this event led to the destruction of Terra and the creation of the thirteen Apostles.


Creation of the 12 Terran gods

On the blooming technological planet Terra, scientists in their greedy pursuits of knowledge, discovered the evil energies of the Great Will that were scattered across the universe and decided to harness those energies and give them form. As a result, they created the "12 Terran gods" (also referred to as "Teanas"). Upon their success, the people worshiped their new creations as gods, but unfortunately, the gods had other plans.

Battle of the Gods

The new Terran gods rebelled against their creators, and planned to engulf the planet in a full scale war. They had detected a similar energy to their own slumbering deep within the planet, and decided to release it through the means of destroying Terra. With their newfound powers, they would create a "thirteenth" god, and together they would be powerful enough to challenge the supreme beings of creation.

To accomplish their goal, they used an oracle and manipulated her into turning the Terran people against their king. The oracle did as she was told, and the planet was plunged into a full-scale war. The Terrans, in their fruitless efforts, combated each other, and resulted in countless lives to be lost in a meaningless war. By the time the Terran people realized what had happened, it was too late. The planet Terra was devastated by the combination of magic and technological warfare, leaving only but a city named "Terra" to remain.

As the planet verged on its destruction, the god of the multiverse, Carloso, descended upon the planet to stop the 12 Terran gods. During their struggle, the power unleashed by their battle caused Terra to explode, freeing the energy trapped within. In the end, both sides lost. Carloso successfully defeated and destroyed the bodies of the twelve gods, but was greatly weakened, and scattered into fragments across the universe, indirectly creating the multiverse. Although the Terran god's bodies were destroyed, their energies still remained. Their essences that contained their powers, scattered across the universe searching for new hosts. The individuals who received these new powers later became known as 'Apostles.'

As a result of the battle, many of the Terran people died. However, a fragment that contained a city survived, and drifted through space; later becoming known as the Pandemonium. An escape vessel managed to flee before the destruction of the planet as well. Eventually it landed on the Planet Arad and became the Tower of Despair.

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