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White Rust Sisley/Laura
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Witch/Kashipa's Rust Unit Leader
Location Harlem: Dying Forest


Prior to becoming the leader of Kashipa's mid-ranking looting unit "Rust", Sisley was once a member of the Devil Girls group that consists of Geniewiz who are also the biggest troublemakers in Pandemonium's. Sisley decided that she'd dedicate her life's work to Homunculus research, but when a angered Apostle Hilder disbanded the group, Sisley along with several witches that strayed away would later take refuge in Kashipa to continue their research. Sisley is the most stubborn of that group, even going so far as concealing her magic powers to avoid Hilder's wrath.

When the Adventurer encounters her in Wind Canyon after being saved, she introduces herself as an innocent nomad named "Laura" asking for their help to defeat the monsters while accompanying them. In truth, she plans out a trap with Suparna in a attempt to lure the adventurer into being prey for her and steal the Bell of Obedience so she can escape on Valgur. This plan however failed when Azalea uncovers Sisley's suspicious nature, she drops the act and promises to meet the adventurer again by killing them next time.

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As an Enemy



Sisley's "White Rust" title is a reference to a disease in plants caused by the oomycete Albugo candida or one of its close relatives.