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|Name=DaniloKid (Justiceboxin)
|Name=DaniloKid (Justiceboxin)

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DaniloKid (Justiceboxin)
Age 18
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation DFO Wiki Skill Updater
Location North America
  • I'm a Skill Updater since I joined Oct 30, 2016. The Beta version has come out and I'm reworking on the skills from the Alpha Version, the Oct 25th, 2016 update rework... Act 07. N.E.W - Part I: New Balance, and future reworks. Message me for any skills to be updated.


My Chars are:


Email me for any skills to be up to date. (P.S, I only do male classes information)

danilokid2001@hotmail.com (Ctrl+C the Email)