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I made quite a change, but i think it helped clean it up and overall made it read easier. There was a lot of extra wordiness that read more as a discussion than an informational read regarding chasers. ~~Penzance

Basic Strategies/Builds

  • Normal attack motions are different then regular mage motions. It might confuse the player if they play other types of mages.
    • 1st attack: Dragon Fang motion (Increase reach)
    • 2nd attack: Palm Blast motion
      • Much shorter reach than the Dragon Fang motion, but automatic forward movement compensates for it
      • Holding the movement key forwards will increase forward movement even more
      • Holding the movement key backwards will stop you from moving forward
    • 3rd attack: Full Swing motion (large attack range, easy to hit multiple enemies which can be easily gathered with the first 2 hits)
    • Even though the motions are changed to skill like motions, it is NOT the skill itself.
  • Jump power is lowered so you will not jump as high. However, jump speed is increased.
  • When you miss with a dash attack, you will no longer fall down.
  • Battle Mages have more defense compared to other mage jobs because of their Leather Armor Mastery.
  • The Battle Mage is the only mage job that can obtain over level 5 Mana Shield without equipment. This is good for defense in PVP, it makes leather armor feel like heavy armor.
  • Battle Mages have a huge variety of cancel skills. It is possible to fight without shooting chasers to conserve MP.
  • Mana Shield consumes MP. You must conserve your skills/chasers if you don't want to run out. Or try to get hit less.
  • Although specialized in melee combat, Chasers provide the magic attack to back physical attack up, hence the name "Battle Mage"
    • Fighting with a chaser is the fundamental of Battle Mages. If you don't fight with them, don't be a Battle Mage.
      • It is possible to be pure physical Battle Mage which uses the buffs from chasers to their advantage, usually light for buffing attack speed or fire for buffing strength
      • However using Chasers only in this way halves (if not more) the Battle Mage's damage potential
    • Chasers are generally used to extend combos via their bounce/stun/knockback attributes; potentially indefinitely
      • Because of this, Shadow Chasers are generally avoided as they send the enemy back towards the player.
      • Due to the basis of the Battle Mage, "hitting the enemies in the air", "punching the enemies away from you", "down the enemy" is the main style. This is why it is more difficult to fight against things that cannot be downed, eg. Striker, Berserker, Launcher, most bosses.
    • Normal attack with chasers will make very easy combos
    • Larger chasers do higher damage and have a larger splash radius. Combos will make chasers grow.
  • Battle Mage will have to aware of the playstyle between partying and soloing. Gathering monsters may not be the right case in every party situations. You may have to make do with a few and destroy them for firepower.

question regarding the battle mage advancement quest, part 1. Where it says "70 style points or higher"; since there's ONLY 70 style points, doesn't that mean that you can't go any higher? Or does it mean 70%? -- Ladywinter 03:07, 31 October 2009 (UTC)

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