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Talismans are items that drop exclusively from Pandemonium War content and function similarly to 2nd and 3rd Chronicle equipment in which they add special effects to certain skills. Unlike Chronicle equipment, they do not take up Armor, Accessory, or Special Equipment slots, and instead have specialized slots in the equipment interface. Additionally, Talismans gain additional effects if equipped with Runes, providing extra strength, cooldown, or function. However, due to the similar function between Chronicle equipment and Talismans, they cannot be used simultaneously.


  • All talismans have a level requirement of 95 and are untradable.
  • There are two types of Talismans, Rare and Unique.
  • Talismans provide special effects for 5 Advanced skills between Levels 35-70 for 35, 40, 45, 60, and 70.
  • Only 2 of 5 Talismans available can be equipped at a time, and only 1 Talisman of the same skill can be equipped at a time.
  • Talismans have basic and additional effects.
    • Basic Effects: Applied as soon as it's are equipped. (Rare Talismans don't have basic effects.)
    • Additional Effects: Applied if all the Runes randomly assigned to the Talisman are added.
  • Talismans cannot be equipped or replaced inside dungeons.
  • Talismans cannot be used in conjunction with Chronicle equipment unless it's added to the Buff Enhancement window.

Talisman Effects