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Snow White Tagor
Age Early 20s
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Combat Robot
Location Harlem, Bleeding Underground Passage


Pandemonium War Lore:

"Tagor won it. It's Tagor's." "Why not? Tagor is right. Listen to Tagor, or she'll kill you." "Tagor will kill you, kill you, kill yooouuu!"

Her shouts are swallowed up by the darkness, and her remaining conscious is driven by murderous anger. Tumorous masses of greed, shame, jealousy, and contempt deprive her of her senses, forcing her to rely on the unfamiliar sound of metal scratching against metal. It shines. It sparkles. It's cold, pointy, and very hard. The girl, who's embraced everything she's desired, opens her eyes, her body clothed in a white dress.

"...Booster, on." [1]

Pandemonium War Character Book:

Female in her 20s. A masterpiece of a mysterious scientist who has joined Kashipa, she's a beautiful combat robot that kills enemies before her eyes,following her master's orders.

When this weapon was first presented to the members of Kashipa, the rumor was that the leader of the Skull Birds who went missing from the Royal Casino had returned. It didn't last long.

Snow White Tagor, despite her outwardly resemblance to the wardmancer, was only a hollow vessel, void of emotions or will. But then, a new rumor spread, this one being similar to an urban legend. Sometimes, a metallic voice can be heard mumbling in the lab after everyone has left. [2]


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As an Enemy

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Snow White Tagor
TypeMechanic.png TypeHuman.png

Tagor appears as the end boss of Bleeding Underground Passage.

Move Set

Intruders detected, Initializing Disposal Mode...

  • Drill Punch: Tagor transforms her hand into a drill and thrusts it forward, dealing moderate multi-hit damage.
  • Drill Dash: A variation of Drill Punch where it makes her dash in a front line instead.
  • Bust Laser Beam: Tagor fires out a large purple energy laser from her chest that deals multi-hit potential lethal damage if hit by the attack.
  • Skirt Missiles: Tagor flies forward to drop numerous missiles down on the floor showing purple target indicators on where they'll land.
  • Target Acquired: Tagor randomly targets a player showing a purple indicator below them and begins to spin around creating purple tornadoes throughout the entire room while going after that targeted player, being very similar to Prey-Isys's Night world of My wind shall cleave the sky! pattern. The players who are not targeted should dodge the tornadoes and stay far away until the move is over.
  • Elimination Mode: Tagor will now target all four players as she launches down a volley of missiles that drop down and along with purple beams that are similar to Caligo Luke's Laser Tracker pattern excluding the damage floor that chases after them.
  • Berserk
    • Dimensional Ward: Creating a dimensional ward... After 45 seconds within' the fight, Tagor flies upwards and hides behind a purple barrier around that protects her from being attacked. In order to make her groggy, party members should focus on killing the red trash mob who is carrying a data chip on their back, then take that same chip over to the barrier and initiate a hacking process where the player must hit correct sequence of arrows within the 3 second time limit. If all three sequences are successful, the barrier will vanish and Tagor will enter her groggy phase for 20 seconds.


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  • The moniker, Snow White along with her design suggests that she's based on it's symbolism found in the fairy tale:
    • Color Trio: Red (Life), White (Innocence) and Black (Death).
    • Poison Apple: She was tempted on wanting Royal Casino only to be killed by Trauma Yom.
    • Resurrection: Revived by Gizel as a cyborg.


Snow White Tagor Full Body.jpg