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|Name= Silver Light Tagor
|Name= Silver Light Tagor
|Image= [[File:SilverLightTagor.png]]
|Image= [[File:SilverLightTagor.png]]
|Age=Early 20s
|Race= Pandemonian  
|Race= Pandemonian  

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Silver Light Tagor is the leader of Kashipa's Junior Looting Unit "Skullbird" who owns District 9. Despite her harmless appearance, she wields a hidden lust for power.

Silver Light Tagor
Age Early 20s
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Kashipa's Skullbird Unit Leader
Location Harlem, District 9
Tagor's Pugnator Form Portrait


Tagor wants to have many things.

Things that are shiny and sparkly.

Things that are delicate and soft.

Things that are cold, sharp but solid.

Whatever it is, Tagor wants it.

But everyone says Tagor cannot have it.

Why? Why? Why?!?

If Tagor takes it, it belongs to Tagor.

If Tagor likes it, it belongs to Tagor.

Tagor does not know why Tagor cannot have it.

But Tagor knows one thing.

That a no means they will kill Tagor.

Then, Tagor will kill first.

Tagor does not want to die, so Tagor will kill first.

Whatever remains after you die, it will belong to Tagor.



Little is known about Tagor or how this mysterious woman became part of the Kashipa. She is first seen being sent out to Dark City by Ricardo and Soul Keeper Mondegreen ordered to kill any slaves that are hiding there. She first encounters the Adventurer who travels through the city after freeing slaves in Total Eclipse, showing no interest in capturing them and instead her subordinate, Thalia ends up fighting them only to lose as she reports back to Mondegreen. Tagor speaks to the Adventurer mentioning them fighting Gragol and asks what are they doing here in Harlem only to be asked the same question that involves the slaves.

Tagor admits to killing numerous slaves only referring to them as "garbage" because of their incapability to use magic. Instead, she looked forward to meeting with the Adventurer since they entered Harlem and doesn't show any signs of hostility. The conversation is cut short as she resumes the task that was given. While the Adventurer continues their journey through the now-engulfed in flames city, they come across Tagor mentioning she killed Thalia so that Mondegreen doesn't receive anymore reports.

After speaking to her angered superior about not finding the Adventurer who was actually hiding behind a pile of bones during their conversation, Tagor asks for more time and doesn't understand why they would come to Harlem and save the slaves from Kashipa's grasp. While she won't stop them, Tagor asks the adventurer to pretend they didn't see each other and leaves. She later accompanies them to stop Mondegreen who continues to burn down Dark City, but doesn't fight until she retaliates by using her own attack on him after he attempts to absorb her soul.

Sometime after Mondegreen's defeat, Tagor approaches the Adventurer once more now being accompanied by Pai who is currently investigating the flame that dropped onto Harlem from the sky and landed in Dark City only to be taken by Ricardo. Tagor actually knows about the flame's identity due to the sky's collision and traces left on the ground, so in exchange for it's whereabouts, she suggests forming an alliance with the Adventurer as she reveals her true motives by wanting Royal Casino all to herself, but it's current owner Trauma Yom is harassing her. While the Adventurer thinks about the offer, Tagor leaves for District 9 and wait for their decision.

Inside the District, they're assisted by the Valdeses, Sabertooth brothers who are Yom's messengers to ask for Tagor's help in creating a ward using terranite and magic to trap Demon Sworder Chermak who is chasing after the Adventurer. The trio do eventually come across Tagor who's furious at the Adventurer, accusing them of joining forces with Yom as she morphs into her Pugnator form to battle and loses. Afterwards, Tagor tells them to head towards the quarry and find Healer Soniar. With the ward now reinforced, she asks them to bait and stall Chermak.

Tagor makes her reappearance inside the Casino sometime after she failed to keep Chermak busy when he escaped her ward, she breaks the shackles off Yom's Shadow Beast and transforms to bombard him with numerous attacks, claiming her victory over the Casino. But she is grabbed by the shadow's hands as Soniar appears next to Yom who faked his death. Angered by Soniar's betrayal, Tagor threatens to kill her until the shadow eventually devours her right in front of the Adventurer.

She is mentioned by the duo through a conversation that they've killed her most likely due to infighting over the flame which turns out to be Isys's egg. Arthur also brings up Tagor hearing that she died knowing the flame's identity. Strangely enough, her body isn't present along with several dead Kashipa members in Fight Club's hidden room.

As an Enemy

Being the end boss of District 9, Tagor does not battle in her normal state and instead changes into a Pugnator similar to Dieuleve using various combat capabilities that she doesn't generally show.

No icon available
Silver Light Tagor
Tagor PugnatorSprite.gif
TypeHuman.png TypeHybrid.png

Move List

  • Rush Stab: Tagor charges forward doing a rapid stab attack.
  • Silver Light Cut: Tagor will twist around and perform a AoE slash attack with the scythes she's carrying.
  • Silver Light Slash: Tagor does a X-shaped slash in front of her.
  • Corpse Explosion: Tagor places silver flames onto nearby corpses that explodes on contact, damaging anyone who gets in close range.
  • Darkness Infusion: Tagor has the ability to reanimate any Pugnator Watcher corpses on the ground by injecting her powers into them.
  • Pugnator Talons: A claw version of Silver Light Slash that deals 5-hits upon contact.



Silver Light Tagor Full Body.jpg Silver Light Tagor Concept.jpg SilverLightTagor_Idle.gif


  • Tagor's design is inspired by Women's Victorian era fashion.
  • In foreign versions, Tagor's moniker is called Silver Addict due to her love for shiny objects involving that color.
  • Her name which is spelt Tagore of Hindu origin which could either come from:
  • Tagor often gives nicknames to different Kashipa members that she's interacted with:
    • Ricardo - Ricar
    • Chermak - Cher
    • Mondegreen - Monde
    • Soniar - Soni
    • Thalia - Thali

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