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[[File:Niu Full Portrait.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Niu Full Portrait.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Niu Monster Sprite.gif]]
[[File:Niu Teana Sprite.gif]]
[[File:Niu Teana Sprite.gif]]

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Age ?
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Battle Mage, APC
Location Central Park

Niu is one of the most renowned Battle Mages in Pandemonium, having a combat technique named after her. She has had connections with Aslan before his fall.





Conversation start in Central Park

  • Thank you for helping Pipi. She's a smart kid, but she can be unpredictable sometimes. Things with Leiyha... Sigh, if she waited just a little bit longer, I could've gone with her. She's troublesome, but not a bad kid. You've been with her. You know that, right? I hope you'll continue to be a good friend for her.
  • I once made a contact with Empyrean. I was so excited that I forgot what I had to do. The fact that I made a contact was amazing, but it was nothing compared to the clean ocean I saw. But I couldn't have my fill because Anton was wreaking havoc in Empyrean at that time.
  • Pai is naturally shy. If she avoids looking at you, that's not because she doesn't like you. When she was young, she used to hide behind me when strangers tried to talk to her. She's doing much better now. People who don't know her may not agree, but I know she is. I've watched her grow.


Niu Full Portrait.jpg Niu Monster Sprite.gif Niu Teana Sprite.gif