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* The boss theme played in Destroyed Gate could likely be an arranged version of the one in [[Castellan's Chamber]] considering that players are fighting a revived Sieghart.
* The boss theme played in Destroyed Gate could likely be an arranged version of the one in [[Castellan's Chamber]] considering that players are fighting a revived Sieghart.
* A [[Category:Sirocco_Epic_Items|Elemental Damage]] specific set is themed after him.  
* A [[Immateriality: Gatekeeper's Encroached Armor|Elemental]] [[Subconscious: Gatekeeper's Dreamy Residue|Damage]] [[Phantasm: Gatekeeper's Black Mask|Set]] is themed after him.

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Nameless Gatekeeper
TypeUndead.png TypeHuman.png


The master of the Sky Tower entered a slumber after receiving Bakal's will, but his mind continued to wander inside the Tower until it was given shape and form by Sirocco's energy. The Apostle's energy has transformed it into a completely different being that's much stronger than its original owner. This being, who thinks he's the resurrected master of the Tower, believes that the power that has brought it back to life belongs to Apostle Bakal, the creator of its original, and explodes with anger at the sight of adventurers who have dared set foot in its territory.


Lore Excerpt:

In the veiling fog of the Abyss, I heard a voice.

It came through the layers of memories that blanketed me, waking me up.

He's calling me again.

My master. War incarnate. The symbol of inferno. The king of all dragons.

He's looking for me again.

This tremendous energy that's sweeping me back and forth has to be his.

But... how come he looks so fuzzy like he's hidden behind fog?

Why does his voice sound distorted like he's underwater?


Yes, I'm the keeper of the Sky Tower.


I want to fulfill my duty.

I want to fulfill my duty, so when his will finally reaches the earth, and then the heavens, I can go back to where I truly belong.

One who came to the Sky Tower, I'll never let you reach the top of the Tower unless my body and soul are completely ripped apart.

Move Set

  • Soul Absorption: When entering the boss room and depending on which instruments played for each party, the Gatekeeper absorbs either 1 or 4 souls as this plays an important and mandatory role into clearing his boss fight.
  • Wide Slash: He'll perform a slow, yet strong slash attack with his sword.
  • Overhead Swing: Gatekeeper delivers an overhead swing sword slash.
  • Dark Energy Wave: Whenever Gatekeeper does either of his sword attacks, he'll create four energy waves that goes in a front line or spiral depending on the pattern itself.
  • Encroached Grab: Gatekeeper gets into a position and grabs all the party members, stunning them as he begins channeling in a AoE explosion. This can be avoided by using a Toy of Sparkling World.png Toy of Sparkling World remove the status or have the party leader use Bullet Time before the explosion occurs.
  • Spirit Sword Explosion: Gatekeeper attempts to jump at a player's position as he stabs his sword downward into the ground to create random, numerous energy explosions underneath including a larger one that randomly targets a player.
  • Berserk
    • Defensive Stance: The Gatekeeper's body turns red as he starts slamming his sword to make larger Dark Energy Waves appear. Then he starts begins charging up by performing an attack that's going in a clockwise motion. During this pattern, there will be a orange gauge that acts like a stamina bar below him, damage Gatekeeper to deplete the gauge and successfully interrupt his attack, failure to do so results in a potential room-wide party wipe.


  • Similar to the Gate, Nameless Gatekeeper isn't a very difficult boss either with his slow and telegraphed patterns.
  • His Encroached Grab can easily interrupt your skills upon being grabbed, so do refrain from attacking if he attempts this.
  • Before reaching his boss room, a particular instrument will play around 36 seconds into the Destroyed Gate's BGM for each party as this is a mandatory mechanic to further progress the Raid towards the next area. Depending on how many souls Gatekeeper absorbs and the instrument each party listens to, they must follow the 1-2-3-4 clear order:
    • Aria/Vocals - 1 Soul
    • Piano - 2 Souls
    • Electric Guitar - 3 Souls
    • Synthesizer - 4 Souls
    • For example, Red Party = 1 Soul, Orange Party = 2 Souls, Yellow Party = 3 Souls and Green Party = 4 Souls.
    • It is also advised to call out the instrument number so that your party is aware of which souls that's going to get absorbed.
    • Aganzo will notify your Raid Chat if the order is followed correctly.
    • If a party goes out of the clear order when defeating Gatekeeper whether by accident or attacking him too quickly, this causes a penalty which not only revives him with full HP, but could lead to frustration among the Raid.
    • Once it's your party's turn, have the Crusader/Enchantress to deploy their Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Final Judgment.png Final Judgment, Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Laus di Angelus.png Laus di Angelus, Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette/Curtain Call.png Curtain Call and dispatch of Gatekeeper before the time limit expires and wait for the three parties to finish.




NamelessGatekeeper FullBody.jpeg


  • The boss theme played in Destroyed Gate could likely be an arranged version of the one in Castellan's Chamber considering that players are fighting a revived Sieghart.
  • A Elemental Damage Set is themed after him.