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<small><blockquote>'''Character Biography:'''<i>
<small><blockquote>'''Character Biography:'''<i>
<p>"Witchcraft is also a field of study."</p>
<p>Female. Age 35.</br>
<p>Female. Age 35.</br>
The head librarian of the Ancient Library studying the high-tech civilization of Ancient Terra.</p>
The head librarian of the Ancient Library studying the high-tech civilization of Ancient Terra.</p>

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Monica of the Library
Age 35
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Witch, Leader of the Ancient Library (Faction)
Location Elting Memorial

Monica is the current leader of the Ancient Library (Faction) and adoptive-guardian of Ikki the Vikki, after taking the child in from the slums. Like her fellow witches, Monica is very interested in the ancient technology from Terra. While she may appear to be stern and cold, she is known for her kindness amongst her peers.


Character Biography:

"Witchcraft is also a field of study."

Female. Age 35.
The head librarian of the Ancient Library studying the high-tech civilization of Ancient Terra.

She's renowned for raising the prestige of Witchcraft from an esoteric, fringe practice to a legitimate field of study.
She's traveled the eight planes of Pandemonium to find and restore any old documents related to Terra, of which most records have long been lost.
She's often misunderstood because of her cold, emotionless face and matter-of-fact tone, but she's unconditionally kind to those who want to study Witchcraft.
A great many mages have quenched their thirst for knowledge at the archives of the Ancient Library, and some of them still think of Monica as their mentor.



Request Chat

  • Elting Memorial's library serves different purposes from the Ancient Library's.
Whereas the Ancient Library is focused on discovering mages interested in Witchcraft and cultivating them into great Witches, Elting Memorial's is where Witches come from different places to share knowledge and interact with each other.
Each library has different sets of rules about what's forbidden and what's not. I hope you won't be biased toward either.
  • Yes, it was just an excuse when I said that I'd stay here to take care of the wounded. I needed it because the Ancient Library is not welcomed in Elting Memorial.
Now, you must be wondering why I'm really here. You see, I've come to investigate Kashipa's Abyss lab that's been destroyed.
I've seen many people who raged out of control because they couldn't handle the powers of the Abyss pieces implanted in their bodies. If they knew what kind of power they had, they might have handled it better.
I want to know how well Kashipa knew about the power that it toyed with, and what the rest of us really should know. Research is my expertise, so please don't worry.
  • As I told you, we the Witches of the Ancient Library are also trying to help others-excuse me? Okay, then what is it that you want to know?
Mm, the Ancient Library has over 20,000 copies of books and documents from everywhere in Pandemonium and the ancient civilization called Terra-that's not it, either?
I'm sorry, but I can't tell exactly what you're asking. The atmosphere... The mood and atmosphere, huh?
Well, everyone's doing fine. Does that answer your question?
  • Ikki told me about the Kashipa executives and their unfamiliar-looking male companion that you and she met on the way to Mansion de Sarpoza.
She said you knew that man's name. Is that true? Do you know him well?
We're getting ready for a big fight. Even the tiniest piece of information can help. Please let me know if you remember anything.
  • Ikki is more like a sister to me than a student. Of course, she's still got a lot more to learn, but as a Witch, she's more of my colleague than someone that I need to teach.
I don't completely agree with her about her being a genius, but I can't deny it, either. Even when she didn't know Witchcraft, she was able to create machines better than an average Witch could.
I would've called her a genius if she was as industrious as she was talented, but... Ikki is perfect just as she is. I'm going to watch her for now.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • Monica is facing against me, quietly gazing into the distance. In front of her, the dimensional storm is silently spiraling up in its menacing glory.
This storm looks like a painting.
It seems threatening, but it can't really hurt you. Once you realize that, you can see what you really should be afraid of.
I'm talking about the Terra Cotta. Now, it's got the perfect opportunity to dominate the world, now that the Guardians and the Circle Mages are unable to keep it in check.
We at the Ancient Library have better be prepared for when it shows its true colors.
  • Ram will be taking care of the Ancient Library in my absence. He's still recovering from his injury from Kashipa's attack, but I believe he's well enough now to take on the responsibility.
...Did I sound too cold? I'm sorry that I have to stay away from the Library longer than I expected because of the sudden turn of events.
I'm concerned about Ram and the others that were wounded by the Kashipas during their attack,
but I can't afford to be emotional right now. I need to stay coolheaded, and Ram probably knows I've made this decision for Pandemonium and the Ancient Library.
  • After I accepted Laura into the Ancient Library, I talked to her a few more times. She made me rethink the limits of homunculi's intelligence and sensibilities.
I think I know why Hilder was so infuriated when she first learned about the Devil Girls' research into homunculi in their secret underground lab, but...
What if we looked at their research from a different point of view? What if the Devil Girls didn't scatter and join Kashipa?
Things would've been much different now.
  • I didn't know Kashipa's former leader Zasura was still alive. Considering the level of mana I sensed in her, I can't help but be worried.
Her timing is bad. We still don't know much about this undying dimensional storm or the Terra Cotta's intentions. Now we have a new, unknown force in our midst.
Yes, a new force. I don't know what Ron was thinking when he propositioned her to become the new leader of Kashipa, but the fact that Zasura showed up means
she's done licking her wounds.

Conversation start

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