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=As an Enemy (Pandemonium War)=
=As an Enemy (Pandemonium War)=
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{{Monster infobox
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| icon =  
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| image = BernardoPandemoniumWar.gif

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Face Collector Bernardo is the leader of Kashipa's high-ranking combat unit, "Vice" that is dispatched by Royal Messenger Walkman during Operation: Hope.

Face Collector Bernardo
Portrait- Face Collector Bernardo.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Kashipa's Vice Unit Leader
Location Harlem Outskirts: Sugar Hill


Operation: Hope Lore:

The residents of Harlem have an almost morbid fear of Bernardo.
The Black Market merchants seem to believe that just mentioning his name would surely doom them.

This man, whose place of origin and age were unknown, instantly dominated Kashipa's elite combat unit, Vice, with his cruel charisma as soon as he joined the organization.

He earned his moniker, the Face Collector, because of his signature killing style. Everyone who was murdered by Bernardo with their faces ripped off by his vice-like hands.[1]

Pandemonium War Lore:

He was utterly defeated. His body was destroyed, and his Abyss was losing its power. He was angry, but he couldn't do anything about it. He was sad, but he couldn't do anything about that, either. He couldn't even swallow his pain. He'd lost the faces that showed emotions, and was left with his own stiffened face.

"Heh heh heh. Here's a good material. It's too good to go to waste. It really is."

A strange old man approached him. He tried to reach for the old man's face, but his body wouldn't budge.

"Nuh-huh, not my face. I'll give you a different face. You'll love it. Heh heh."

That was the last thing Bernado heard before he lost consciousness.

By the time he woke up, the work was all done. The faces he'd lost were back, along with a new one. And the power that ran through his body! Maybe this new power could help him get revenge on the enemy who made him like this. His body had been changed, but he didn't care.

"I could always fill it with faces again..." [2]


While little is known about Bernardo's past life, he became a member of the Kashipa and later leader of the Vice combat unit, earning a reputation for his cruel charisma and brought fear among Harlem's residents with the thought of his name being mentioned. He earned the "Face Collector" moniker due to his signature killing style by ripping off the faces of his victims with the use of his vice-like hands.

Bernardo and his unit are dispatched by Walkman in Harlem's Outskirts during the events of Operation: Hope while capturing residents to continue their Abyss research. If The Adventurer travels to Sugar Hill or receives a mission, they'll battle and eventually defeat Bernardo.

After his defeat, Bernardo's body is found by Gizel Logan and later revived as a cyborg during the Pandemonium War. During the Adventurer's infiltration mission, they enter Bleeding Underground Passage where Bernardo appears and attempts to get his revenge with the upgrade he's given, but is defeated once more.

As an Enemy (Operation: Hope)

Bernardo will mainly use physical and close-range attacks to fight, he'll also use three different face masks with their own patterns.

No icon available
Face Collector Bernardo

Move Set

  • Rake: Bernardo does a swipe attack with his hands.
  • Jump: A dark circle will appear below a player as Bernardo targets and attempts to land on them.
  • Screech: Bernardo does a scream-like move that knocks someone away.
  • Mask Summon: Depending on which face Bernardo is equipped, he'll summon three floating face mask that'll perform a different attack. they can also be destroyed.

Angry Face

  • Laser Beam: These will blast out a huge laser beam that causes Burn (Status).png Burn (Status).

Stern Face

When Bernardo's HP threshold is lowered to 400, he'll tear the Angry Face off and equip the Stern one.

  • Ice Breath: These will spray a icy breath that causes Frozen (Status).png Frozen (Status).
  • Mask Shoot: Bernardo shoots out a barrage of Stern faces in a front line.

Sorrowful Face

When Bernardo's HP is lowered even further down to 200, he'll tear the Stern Face off and equip the Sorrowful one.

  • Mask Shoot: Bernardo shoots out a barrage of Sorrowful faces in a front line.
  • Laser Beam: These will blast out a huge laser beam.
  • Mask Barrage: Bernardo will summon two rows of Sorrowful faces from left to right that slowly moves across the screen 3 times with a gap to hide for dodging.

As an Enemy (Pandemonium War)

No icon available
Face Bernardo
Named Monster
TypeMechanic.png TypeHuman.png

Bernardo reappears as a mechanized version of himself in Bleeding Underground Passage. He still retains most of his physical attacks along with using new ones.

Move Set

  • Runaway if you can!: Similar to his Mask Shoot, Bernardo will launch out a hoard of different faces that run across the screen in a total of 5 times with a large red line indicator showing where they'll alternate between left, right or middle. Simply move up and down to avoid the hoards.
  • There is nowhere to dodge!: Nearly identical to his Sorrowful Face 's Mask Barrage, Bernardo jumps to the upper part of the room and summons a hoard of faces that fall down from top of the screen 5 times with a gap to hide in. Quickly run to those gaps to dodge and avoid being damaged.


  • After 15 seconds upon entry, he will start using his patterns that will alternate between the two new ones.
  • Take advantage of the gaps to damage him, but don't risk receiving any unnecessary damage for yourself.
  • Bernardo does not appear to wield a groggy state during his fight, so it's best to suppress him with DPS instead.
  • Having the Crusader/Enchantress deploy Apocalypse.png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette is not required and should reserved for the end boss.



BernardoSternFace.gif BernardoSorrowfulFace.gif


  • Bernardo's design is inspired by traditional forms of Japanese theater: