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Set Effects


Phantasmal Binity Skill Lvl +3


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Encroached Earrings.png Encroached Abyss Earrings: Phantasmal Binity Earrings 95 STR +64
INT +64
VIT +64
SPR +64
EXO +400
Encroached Stone.png Encroached Abyss Magic Stone: Phantasmal Binity Magic Stone 95 STR +64
INT +64
VIT +64
SPR +64
EXO +400
Encroached Armband.png Encroached Abyss Armband: Phantasmal Binity Sub Equipment 95 STR +43
INT +43
VIT +43
SPR +43
EXO +400