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Dimension: Dimension Corridor Upgrade

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Dimension- Dimension Corridor Upgrade.png Dimension: Dimension Corridor Upgrade

No Video
TP Passive Skill

Dimension Walker

Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 55
Prerequisite Skills: Dimension- Dimension Corridor.png Dimension: Dimension Corridor Lv1


Increases Dimension- Dimension Corridor.png Dimension: Dimension Corridor's Atk.

  • Atk. per Level: +10%


  • TP per level: 2
  • Master Level: 5
  • Max Level: 7

Skill Growth

Note: This table has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


Level Lv Req Atk. Increase
1 55 +10%
2 60 +20%
3 65 +30%
4 70 +40%
5 75 +50%
6 80 +60%
7 85 +70%


Dimension Walker TP Skills
Dimension- Accident Upgrade.png Dimension: Accident Upgrade Dimension- Dimension Corridor Upgrade.png Dimension: Dimension Corridor Upgrade Dimension- Dimension Leap Upgrade.png Dimension: Dimension Leap Upgrade Dimension- Dimensional Laser Upgrade.png Dimension: Dimensional Laser Upgrade Dimension- Kaleidoscope Upgrade.png Dimension: Kaleidoscope Upgrade Dimension- Paradigm Detonation Upgrade.png Dimension: Paradigm Detonation Upgrade Dimension- Positron Blast Upgrade.png Dimension: Positron Blast Upgrade Dimension- Silhouette Upgrade.png Dimension: Silhouette Upgrade Dimension- Spacetime Explosion Upgrade.png Dimension: Spacetime Explosion Upgrade Divergence- Forbidden Nyarly Upgrade.png Divergence: Forbidden Nyarly Upgrade Divergence- Harlequin Upgrade.png Divergence: Harlequin Upgrade Divergence- Parasite Swarm Upgrade.png Divergence: Parasite Swarm Upgrade Divergence- Whip Skewer Upgrade.png Divergence: Whip Skewer Upgrade

Male Mage TP Skills
Flame Shield Upgrade.png Flame Shield Upgrade Ghost Flame Upgrade.png Ghost Flame Upgrade Ice Sword Upgrade.png Ice Sword Upgrade Trap Strike Upgrade.png Trap Strike Upgrade Water Cannon Upgrade.png Water Cannon Upgrade Wind Strike Upgrade.png Wind Strike Upgrade

General TP Skills
Basic Training Upgrade.png Basic Training Upgrade